Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Around The World

Montreal ~ Wanda had a beautiful ballerina in her studio 
Today Tues April 9, 2013 photo 2013-04-07162CatherineampAnitacard3050wmfb_zps6ac6b61c.jpg

Thailand ~ Jade enjoyed some tropical fruit.

England ~ Caroline's husband bought her flowers!

The Netherlands ~ Sonya went for a walk in the woods.

Hong-Kong ~ Singwa made ice-cream with just bananas and strawberries - nothing else (no milk, no sugar)! Super YUM!

New Jersey/NYC ~ Maddy did a session with her parents at the weekend ~ aren't they beautiful!

Philedelphia ~ Becky went exploring the city streets.

What did YOU do this week?

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  1. Maddy, your mom could pass for your sister! She's beautiful. That is such a beautiful picture of your parents. :)

  2. Lovely shots ladies!! <3 I love that first one!!

  3. Thanks for some great photos.
    The fruit and ice cream shots are particularly engaging.

  4. Wow - the ballerina image is perfect -- all wonderful photos. xo

  5. Thanks Buckeroomama! She is a beauty <3

  6. beAUTiful captures!! so many to love! :))

    thanks for hosting!

  7. This week, I took my kids down to the lake for a splash. What a great collection of photos!