Monday, April 12, 2010

What is YOUR favorite today?

Here they are! The "today" contest top ten! Unfortunately...despite our best efforts, our embedded poll would NOT cooperate! So, you have to go to the links below in order to vote!
To vote for one of the entries numbered 1-5, go here.
To vote for one of the entries numbered 6-10, go here.

You can vote once a day on our poll, and you are also welcome to cast one vote for (and sing the praises of) your favorite pick here in the comments section! Please use the numbering and title of the photo you are voting for so that it is clear to us!

Voting closes Friday.

life with the rehms
What’s my today? Well, I could have posted a picture of every. single. toy dumped out and littering my boys’ bedroom, or I could have taken a picture of the IcyHot disaster we had the other day or one of the pile of sand that is building up just inside my patio door. Because along with the fun we have everyday, along with the sweetness of my kids, and along with the food that we love to eat also comes a (usually huge) mess. So, to represent the mess that is sure to come today…

austin lee and the hoolihans
For the record...I don't usually stand on our table. But what the made them laugh. ;) Gotta keep things interesting. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


Today, I'm flying 30,000 feet in the air to New York, working there for the next couple of weeks. My heart will be here.

pure country

This is Pure Country. Taken at my in-laws house while my husband was cutting wood to feed our fireplace back home. Nothing like firewood and a handsome cowboy to heat things up! I love this photo because is expresses the man I love so well. A small town kid who lived on a small farm and grew up learning to work with his hands and enjoy the outdoors. Everytime I look at this photo, I fall in love with my cowboy.

grandmothering online

We got to spend time with our grandaughter and daughter last night. I just love her little fingers!

homecooking with sonya

Here is my "Todays" photo..bright beautiful tulips..can't get anymore Dutch than that:) My "Todays" are always brighter when I head to the store and see tulips in color combinations that I never knew existed. I impatiently wait for them to appear in the stores..then and only then do you know Spring is here!

mighty m

Today a certain someone got to color eggs for the first time.
Today a certain someone has orange hands.
What did you do Today?

lady fi
How to choose just one photo that sums up an ordinary day, that shows the small miracles hidden in our everyday lives?

“My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am.” – Unknown

Today is a celebration. Not just because of my faith, but because I have today... to soak up the sun, to be with my children, to praise God for all of my blessings. Today begins the count down to my husband coming home for his R&R. These jelly beans represent the days leading up to his return. When they are gone (1 per day/ per child) he will be in our arms once again... even if only for 15 days.

Happy Easter. Hug your loved ones. We have TODAY.

Have never done a self portrait. When I think about "my today" I think about my kids, family, sports, work, everything except me. Today I decided to think about myself. It is liberating, and exhausting at the same time - to be honest - it is much easier to think about everybody else - keeps my mind from dwelling on the parts of me I don't like.

We also have some exciting news! The girls of Communal Global enjoyed looking through your shared photos SO MUCH, that we have decided that we need more. Like, lots more... and on a REGULAR basis. So we have decided to introduce (drumroll please...)

"Tuesdays Around the World!"

From now on, every Tuesday, we will have a link set up so that all of YOU can join the Communal Global girls and share your Tuesdays with us, and also with other women from around the world! Sometimes we'll have a specific theme like: "The shoes I wore today." and sometimes the theme will simply be "Today" (a decided favorite around here).

The fun starts tomorrow, and the theme is "At the park, or on a walk."

So get ready to share your day with us! Where do you like to walk? Do you have a favorite park, and why do you love it so? We want to know! Just like in the contest, you post your picture to your own blog with a description of your day and a link to communal global, then come on over here and link it with us so we know where to find you! We can't wait to see more (and more and more) of your lovely lives!


  1. I want to vote again for #2 BUNCHOFBARRONS...and a 3rd time if you take duplicate votes!

  2. Voting for #5 Grandmothering Sweet Baby!

  3. I adore #1 and that chocolaty face!

    And I'm excited about the Tuesdays around the world. Cool.

  4. So excited about Tuesdays Around the World!! Can't wait to join in the fun.

    Oh, and, of course...I'm voting for #1 Chocolate Boy!! He has me wrapped around his little finger.

  5. Congratulations, everyone that made it to the top ten!!! Wonderful entries, all of them! :D

    Since we can only pick one favourite in the comments, my vote is for number 8, Oscar the Swedish Doggy...such a stoic old faithful...beautifully photographed...and I love the caption about the small miracles hidden in our everyday lives.

  6. Thank you all for voting! Feel free to click on the link and go and vote at the poll as well! This is so much fun! Your todays are beautiful! Can't wait to see your tomorrows!

  7. TOtally voting for #3, what a beautiful family, plus i'm related to them. :P

  8. Hey - My picture's in here. COOL! :)

  9. vote for #3 (Family Sleeping) ~ it's simply beautiful :D

  10. My vote is for #3! I love the Blues. :)

  11. Ugh... I am T O R N ... but think I am going to vote for 9... made me get all teary... waiting for hubby to come home for RR...

  12. #7...I can't seem to get it to let me vote! Cute!

  13. oh yeah...# 7 by a long shot!

    #7 is my vote