Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4.7.2010 "TODAY"

4.7 "Today"
The kids are excited to see their sandboat emerge from under the snow...and wishing they could already play in it!

4.7 Today
Can you tell we are glad the warm weather is here? Matthew just earned some roller blades for good behavior (over a month-long period!).

collecting seashells...♥our favorite thing to do!

4.7 Today
Sorry for putting the photo of food once a week.My appetite never disappears. I had fresh sushi at sushi-go-round(also called Conveyor belt sushi?) with my husband. Cod's milt and flatfish are in this shot.

4.7.10 Today
Today Kaishon was in a play. He was a great actor. A total rock star! : )

4/7 "Today"
If these delicious eggs haven't been devoured by today, I will be immensely surprised.

4.7 Today
Today I am missing my beautiful, wonderful sister Caleigh. (I'm also missing DC during cherry blossom season - which is right now!)

4.7 Today
My husband was helping with the space shuttle launch over Easter weekend and after the launch, instead of flying home, he had to go to Spain. He's finally coming home...TODAY! I can't wait to see him!

4.7 Today
The field just down the road from my house.

4.7  Today
One of the rare times I am in Stanley without the children... and hence was able to stop and leisurely take photos.


  1. Fabulous photos! I especially love the last one.

  2. I love food photos..I really love the dishes!

  3. My favorite shots tend to be the nature shots or architecture.

    Buckeroomama, I'm loving yours! I have a thing for water and boats...

    Cornelia, what a sweet field. This is a daydreaming picture for me. My imagination is stirring!

    Sarah, Matthew looks so pleased. How very cool!

    Becky, school play? How fun!!

    Katie, she is beautiful. I'm so sorry you're missing her. Hope you're okay out your way!

    Emily, oh that is so exciting! What a great day today will be! I hate it when my husband is away!

    Tezzie, what is a sandboat?

    Rocio, I love doing that too. What a beautiful find!

    Rikako, love the dishes! The fish, not so much. ;)

    Suki, Lola, hope everything's okay with you! Missed seeing photos from you. :)

  4. Such great photos...I love coming here and seeing today all over the world. Buckeroomama, I'm especially loving your photo today. It's peaceful. Thank you, ladies, for taking the time to post all these wonderful photos!

  5. Wonderful them all for many reasons. Happy Wednesday!

  6. Love all the today I am seeing!

    TEZZIE: That is a nice sandboat I can't wait to see it without the snow!

    SARAH: so CÜTE! my son is waiting for a new bike...【ツ】

    RIKAKO: yummy yummy for sushi!
    Food Photos are my favorites!!!

    BECKY: Did you take video?

    NISA: aww color eggs! We didn't have any this year instead went to the aquarium ...【ツ】

    KATIE: She is Beautiful...♥

    EMILY: so happy for you!!! Handsome guy you got there...【ツ】

    CORNELIA: so peaceful...♥ & green I love green!

    BUCKEROOMAMA: That's is ONE AMAZING shot!!! ♥ it!!!【ツ】

  7. I loved the last one as well because I was there just a few weeks ago.

    Still sorting out my photos!

  8. Such intriguing pictures. I can't wait for the sand boat to emerge : ) I am sure that is a sight to behold!

    I love your field Cornelia!

    Way to go Matthew earning roller blades. He is such a good boy!

  9. Tezzie - I thought you wrote sandbox and had to read it again... what is a sand boat? :)

    Becky - Such a cute photo! I love the colors in this photo. What is the play about that they get to wear paper bags on their heads? :)

    Rikako - Those dishes are pretty! We have "conveyor belt sushi" around here, too, but I've never tried them.

    Nisa - I love the shades of colors of the eggs! I love the ones with the different colors. We skipped dyeing eggs this year. I just bought Nestle Krunch eggs... :)

    Katie - It's tough to be oceans apart from our loved ones. I wish we live closer to our family, too.

    Cornelia - You know what's missing from that field? A happy little girl with a basket skipping along in the foreground! :)

    Sarah - Tell Matthew he looks really cool with his rollerblades on! :)

    Emily - My husband travels a lot for business, too and homecomings are the greatest! :)

    Rocio - Your shots are always so artistic! :)