Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4.28.2010 "TODAY"

4.28 Today
Today we are buying a bunch of candies for our Mexican Celebration "El Día del Niño" (Children's Day) Every April 30th México makes a HUGE celebration for our little ones! I remember when I was little we always had big school parties. Music, candies, cake, clowns, prizes, piñatas, good yummy foods, etc. I always had a blast! My hubby and I are planning an extra extra special day for our kiddos, I can't wait! Do you have a special day for your children in your country?

4.28 Today
Last day of antibiotics for my 2 boys. One has strep throat and the other has an ear infection AND strep throat. We are also getting ready for my husband's birthday tomorrow!!

4.28 Today
Today I baked Focaccia for the first out Nigella.

I ate a few cake balls I made the past weekend. They are delishious.

4.28 "Today"
Today, I've really got to give Linus a good brushing...he's shedding puppies!

4.28  Today
On my way from the library, I passed by the dry goods section of the local market. Here, they sell different grades of dried mushrooms. scallops, shrimps, cuttlefish, sea cucumber, etc.

4.28 Today
We walked around the shopping street with the family.

4.28.10 Today
We helped Grammy pick up sticks in the yard so Pop Pop can mow. You know how a lot of men pride themselves on perfectly manicured lawns? My Daddy prides himself on being the last man in the neighborhood to start mowing in the Spring... I just love my family! Isn't my Mom the cutest thing?

4/28 "Today"
This is a portion of my "to be read" pile. I think I better find some reading time.

We went out to take some pics of Kort and my 6 1/2 month belly. This is one of my favorite shots. The look on his face is priceless. So much joy there. We have all waited a really long time to have a baby on the way! This is the smile he wore when we told him he was going to be a big brother, and this is the smile he wore when he found out that we were having another boy, and this is still the smile he still wears every time he talks about "Baby Bob."

28/4 Today
The moon by day!


  1. I must now have some candy and that order. Yum.

    And, secretly, I'm wishing for a cute little momma belly like that day.

  2. Oooh I want to head first to the candy store and then swing by the dried good section to check everything out..I will finish with a

    Wonderful photos! Linus has the most perfect name for a dog in the whole wide world..I just love it!

    Becky your mom reminds me of my mom:)I'm the lawn mower in this family..I'm teching my oldest to take

    Nisa I could go for a good book right about now and Lola you have the most perfect pregnant belly!

  3. Love all the picture. I so enjoy this global thing. You gals are terrific to share with us out here in a different part of world.--Mary Lee

  4. Oh! I love everyone's day. So magically special. From the candy, to the mushrooms at the market! So sorry everyone is sick at your house Sarah! Happy Birthday to your WONDERFUL husband who works long and hard to provide for you.

    Love that pretty bread Sonya! And the cake balls, Suki! So pretty.

    love that belly picture. So very happy for you. Very, very happy!

    I am trying to talk Gary into giving me a baby belly. Not to be confused with my regular FAT belly : ) but a belly with a baby in it... I hope I can work some magic on him!

    Happy Day girls, happy day.

  5. I so love seeing what everyone is doing all over the world.

    Suki, the cake balls look yummy! I've never tried them.

    Nisa, wow that's a lot of books!

    Happy Wednesday, ladies!

  6. The cake balls look delicious!

    Great pictures, as always!!

  7. I always feel like I'm looking at a coffeetable book! All of the pictures speak with so much emotion and of course, some of them with pure yumminess.

  8. I am loving all your pictures.
    Love the look on Korts face. So priceless.

    Today everyone was sahring pictures of food or is it just me?

  9. Sarah: Hope your boys feel better! and Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!

    Sonya, Suki, & Buckeroomama: Yummy Picutres!

    Rikako: Fun! What is the guy selling on the right side?

    Becky: Yes she is!!!

    Nisa: Wow! Girl grab a cup a tea and start reading those amazing books!

    Lola: You both are the cutest thing ever! Me love your belly!

    Caroline: Stunning!