Monday, April 5, 2010

4.5.2010 "TODAY"

4.5 Today
Today I'm changing the daily theme to YESTERDAY and posting a picture from Easter. I loved seeing all the little girls in their fancy dresses--especially my own! Buona Pasqua!

4.5 Today
My kids had a little party.

We got six inches of snow on Easter Morning (ack)! So...we're officially back in "Hot Chocolate Mode" for now, and we've decided to love it. I'm lovin' this little hot chocolate drinker as well. We like our chocolate with lots of whipped cream and cinnamon!

4.5  Today
The Landmark Cafe / the Valentino store. It's not as crowded today as it normally is. Maybe it's because today's a public holiday...?

4.5.10 Today
Today the boys went on an Easter egg hunt. They had so much fun racing around the field grabbing eggs. Easter Egg hunts are such a fun tradition.

4.5 Today
This should help in the hot weather that we are having now!

4/5 "Today"
Exploring caves on the west side of the island where pirates of old once stored up their plundered treasures. (For the record, these things never happen on the day I post them because I don't drive. We're weekend adventurers only.) ;)

4.5 Today
My husband took the kids on a bike ride after dinner. Peace and quiet for a few minutes for me :)


  1. Oh! I just ADORE little girls in Easter dresses. Yours is so sweet Emily! Precious!

    Love the baby in his helmet getting ready for the bike ride. He is such a sweetie Sarah!

    Snow on Easter? Get out of the city Lola! Or, maybe I should say Get out of Utah : )

    Nisa is out there exploring caves with plundered treasures. How great is that?

    Cornelia's drink looks cold and refreshing.

    Wow. The landmark cafe is gorgeous. What a great picture Buckaroomama! LOVE that! Our mall was closed yesterday because of Easter.

    I love that your kids had a little party Rikako. If your kids were any sweeter, I don't know what I would do : )

    Happy Monday Girls!

  2. We had beautiful weather here in MIchigan on Easter, which is so weird, because for as far back as I can remember we had to at least wear a sweater on Easter because it was chilly, and it was very nice out. Glad I'm not in utah

  3. Another lovely selection, thanks to you all.

  4. Beautiful photos as always!!!

  5. Happy Easter Monday Ladies love all the today pictures. Can't believe Utah is still getting snow! I miss that beehive state!

  6. Oh I loved this!

    Love those stolen minutes of peace and quiet...

    Love Easter dresses!

    Love shopping...and that store is UNREAL!

    Love the "Easter Wait" before the Easter Pounce!!!

    I WISH I needed a cold drink - but it's "hot all the way" in these parts for now!

    Rikako - Your little girl's face cracks me up! She is looking at the boys like they are CRAZY! (and I'm sure she's not too far off).

    Nisa - I could use a pirate treasure hunt right now! Just beautiful!! (Kort would think he had died and gone to heaven!)

  7. Emily, those Easter dressed girls are so lovely!

    Lola, his eyelashes are to DIE for!

    Buckeroomama, That picture is amazing. I want to eat there!

    Nisa, Pirate caves? Girl. We'll be pretending that one for sure, while you get to see the real thing!

    Wonderful pictures ladies!

  8. Sarah - Zoe has the same bike helmet! Oh, I just love those gorgeous curls peeking out from under his helmet. :)

    Emily - Your girls are so lovely in their Easter dresses. I love the little clips on their beautiful hair, too --esp. the little bow. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    Lola - Kort has the most amazingly gorgeous eyes! He must have gotten them from you. :)

    Rikako - Your little girl is SO sweet! Makes me want to reach out and just hug her. Do her older brothers dote on her?

    Becky - LOL! Kaish looks almost bored, like, "I'm 10 and what's the big deal about an Easter egg hunt anyway?" :)

    Nisa - What a fun way to spend the day, looking for pirate treasures! My two would love an adventure like that. :)

    Cornelia - Is that bottle chilled? Regardless, the color looks "icy" and very refreshing!

  9. Wow snow in Utah!

    Cooler in South Africa!

    Pretty dresses in Italy!

    Yummy Food in Japan!

    Exploring caves!<--how exciting!

    Love y'all today's!!!