Thursday, April 29, 2010


4.29  Transportation
A tram. Apparently Hong Kong has the word's largest double-deck tram fleet. The tram is the cheapest way to get around Hong Kong at only HK$2 (US$0.25) per ride, regardless of distance. And if you are a senior citizen, you could ding-ding* along for half the price. (*How the locals refer to the tram; also, the sound of its "horn" to warn people of its approach.)

The Urban System / "La Marqueta" is how the valley people call this place.

29/4 Transportation
An alternative view of our family minibus :)

4/29 "Transportation"
Does this count? lol!

4.29.10 My Ride
Here is my ride. Gary's 1998 Mustang. So...we have a nice little family car but Big G doesn't like when the Mustang lets him sit. The obvious thing to do is switch with your wife who works in the ghetto of the city, right? It hasn't let me sit yet. Knock on wood! It is a little smooshy in the back seat.

4.29 Transportation
The public transport of the town where I live is so good. The bus, the subway, and the train are used. However, it is a bicycle or walking that I use most. As for the photo, my sister is holding my child in the subway terminal.

4.29 Transportation
That's my "mom mobile"! A black, Honda Odyssey. I always said I didn't want a mini-van before I was 30. I got this a couple of months before my 30th birthday. Since I'm short, it really is easier for me to buckle the kids when they are babies, rather than lift them up into an SUV, which is what I had before this car. But as soon as they're old enough to get in the car themselves and buckle their seat belts, I would not be sad to see this car go :)

4.29 Transportation
Biking is the typical Dutch way of getting around town. Because of how crowded The Netherlands is, it is often the fastest way too.

4.29 "Transportation"
My 'ride"...uh, yeah...I'm soooo a middle aged mommy! ;D


  1. How fun is this? LOVE the ding ding. Very cool picture! : )
    Also love your transportation Rikako. And the bikes. And the Mommy cars and mini vans. You are all so cool!

  2. Love all the transportation pictures...mine is similar to many...buses,trams and bicycle or my foot. I miss my car...I hope I remember how to drive! Happy Thursday ladies!

  3. I miss my car too..Im so envious of cars in the U.S...they are just not the same over

  4. Love all the transportations.
    Yep, I would love to have a big car, but all the cars you get here are so very tiny.
    Happy Thursday everyone.

  5. Sarah - I LOVE your tree-lined street! My mom-mobile looks very similar to yours, only mine is white.

    Nisa - Yup, that counts!! Too cute!

    Sonya - I wish we have more bike lanes here. Biking would definitely be a healthier and more economical (!) way to get to and fro. :)

    Becky - What do you mean "let (you) sit"?

    Rikako - This looks very much like our train platform! :)

    Caroline - Interesting angle!

    Tezzie - That car does not scream "middle-aged mommy" to me. :)

  6. Awesome Transportations!!!

    Buckeroomama love how you capture the "Ding-Ding" C☺☺L shot!

    Caroline: Love that angle!

    Nisa: Now that's the cutest transportation ever!! is that a cat? Oh my word if it is... IT'S HUGE!

    Becky: You are such C☺☺L Mom!

    Rikako: aww love her cute face!

    Sarah!! Loving all the green!

    Sonya: cool bikes!!! I would like a bike!!

    Tezzie: Nope you are NOT!!!

  7. I thought the public transport systems in HK were excellent, especially loved the painted trams and I took loads of photos!

    Another interesting collection of themed photos.

  8. Oh, It is so fun to see all the photos.

    Buckeroomama-What a cool shot!

    Nisa-Cute Cute shot!

    Sarah-Beautiful green trees!

    I am thinking to buy "Mini van" for my family though I don't like family car either.

    I wish I could have Mustang! People here would think I am the coolest.

  9. Loving that Tram shot! The UK as a long way to go to catch up with the innovation of Asian nations! :D Our Public Transport is not a popular means of getting about as a rule!

  10. Buckeroomama - Double decker buses AND double decker trams...way cool! I really love the effect the panning created with your tram, btw!

    Rocio - is that where different transportation systems meet up? Perfect for travelling...especially of the backpacking variety ;D

    Caroline - cool shot! Awesome job making your family minibus look more like a sportscar...LOL

    Nisa - haha!!! I suppose Huskies wouldn't be all that comfortable in the climate down why not use your cat?! Too funny... :D

    Becky - let you sit?? sorry...don't understand :( But...awesomely cool car! I'll bet it attracts more than a little attention during ghetto driving, though...

    Rikako - I SO wish I lived somewhere with good public transportation! makes life so much easier, doesn't it?

    Sarah - yay, mommy mobiles! ;D

    Sonya - That's SO how I picture the Netherlands (except with bike baskets filled with tulips, of course ;D LOL)

    Fun shares, everyone!!!

  11. Ok...I was just over visiting Lola at 'her place', where I found out the coolest piece of information regarding her mode of transportation...Why isn't it here??!!! I SO want to see a pic, since I think it ROCKS that it's not a perfectly cute little sports car thingy....

    Lola, you are so awesomely cool...truly!!!

  12. Nice photos everyone, but the cat cat pulling the stprage bin cracked me up...such originality!

  13. Ha ha! I know! I will ABSOLUTELY share a pic of "The pedi van." I was planning on sharing it on this post, but forgot what day was what and it was dark and snowy (yes, again - boo Utah!) outside by the time I remembered!

    It is SO coming to a blog near you...

  14. In San Francisco, for some reasons, double deck buses are not being used. The city experimented with these buses and then decided against running them. I think double deck buses is more efficient and better for the environment. This city is congested with cars as in Hong Kong.