Monday, April 26, 2010

4.26.2010 "TODAY"

This week we are excited to introduce two new contributors! Caroline from the UK, and Sonya from the Netherlands. We look forward to seeing more of their lives and the countries they call home. You can learn more about them by clicking on their names (in the header) and reading their bios.

Remember, tomorrow is "Tuesdays Around the World" and we want YOU to participate! Tomorrow's theme is "What Helps Me Relax" - so tell us...wait, better yet, SHOW us! What helps you relax? Remind your friends. Share your sliver of the globe. The linky will be up tomorrow!

4.26  Today
My husband and I had a "race." He decided to cross the street; I decided to use the footbridge. He won --only because I stopped to take pictures!

26/4 Today
I watched a bee take flight ~ through my viewfinder!

Today I'm mapping out a little garden. Hopefully my 6 year old won't trample/dig up/flood ALL of it before I get a few tomatoes out of the deal! But if he does, I'm taking a page from Becky's book. I'm smiling and saying "Oh well! I am going to enjoy EVERY moment that comes with mothering a six year old, because he won't be six for long..."

4/26 "Today"

4.26.10 Today
Gary works 7 days a week. A minimum of 10 hours a day. On Sundays he typically works 12 or more hours. Today he is working 16. Kaish doesn't get to see Gary on Sunday as he leaves at 5am and gets home very late. Every Monday he gives Gary a back massage with his feet as soon as he gets home from work. They have a special bond.

4.26 Today
“Southern Maid Donuts" for the first time. The only shop in Japan is here in Fukuoka. Why do children want the same one though there are a lot of kinds?

4.26 Today
Today is a Perfect & Colorful Monday!...【ツ】 & I am ready to start this beautiful week...♥♥♥

4.26 Today
We went for ice cream!

The sun came out all week and we barely have bad weather. I love it. It finally gets warm too.

4.26 "Today"
Today, I start my second week of work placement...learning the trade from an old 'master' :D


  1. Welcome, Sonya and Caroline! We are so glad you're joining us :)

    Lovely todays everyone!

    Tezzie, that is the coolest photo. What in the world is it?? I'm sure something to do with wood :)

    Lola, what a great attitude to have. I should take a page from Becky's book as well since I have a snail-digging, worm-finding, over-watering, plant-pulling CURIOUS little boy and am not sure my garden will survive!!

  2. I love all of the photos today! You are all so clever!

    See you tomorrow!

    Best wishes,

  3. Sonya and Caroline, WELCOME! So glad you are joining us. Yay, we're growing! :)

    Nisa - I want to be there RIGHT NOW!

    I think we all could take a page from Becky sometime. :) When I feel myself getting worked up now, I try to remind myself to take a deep breath and ask, "What would Becky do?" :)

    Rikako - They forgot to put down that fact in Parenting 101, didn't they? ;p

    Becky - That is so sweet of Kaish to do that! :)

    Tezzie - Wow! That's all I have to say. :)

    Sarah - Looking at that makes me want to go out and buy a pint right now!

    I love all the Monday photos! Have a great Monday, y'all!

  4. So excited to for the newbies! Happy Monday ladies!

  5. Love Lola's snail :D
    Nisa made me jealous!
    Rikako made me hungry!
    Becky made me laugh!
    Sarah made me smile (and hungry again!)
    Suki made me sigh (a happy sigh)
    Rocio made me take a deep breath!
    & Tezzie made me wonder...

    What a lovely start to my day :D!!

  6. Love to come here and see all the beautiful picture. We all can take a page from Becky. She is an awesome woman with a wonderful attitude.
    My second favourite sentence about Becky now is "What would Becky do?" ;)

    Welcome to Caroline and Sonya.
    I wish I could enjoy the beach with Nisa today, enjoy the flowers with Rocio, eat a donut with Rikako *big sigh* and eat an ice cream with Sarah and her beautiful children.
    Tezzie, this wood thingy looks like real magic.
    The back massage looks comfy too.
    Love the focus on the snail Lola.
    The bee looks cool too, Caroline.
    This brigde looks like a lot of fun, Buckeroomama :)

  7. Oh! I love everyone's Mondays!
    Sarah, your collage is Over the TOP amazing! Love it with a big puffy red heart!

    Can't wait to learn more about what you are making Tezzie? That looks fantastic!

    Love your bee! Welcome to our England contributor!

    Donuts are the best!

    Yay for the sun Suki!

    Pretty garden Lola with a lovely snail and a lovely boy!

    Flowers always make the world so pretty don't they?

  8. A big HOLA to Caroline & Sonya!!!

    BUCKEROOMAMA: Loving that picture!

    CAROLINE: How lucky to capture that cute bee!


    NISA: you photo makes me want to go take a swim in our island!! That will be nice!! Beautiful Blue sky!

    BECKY: aww how sweet!...【ツ】♥

    RIKAKO & SARAH: Yummy!!! I want some!!!

    SUKI: Simply Stunning!!!

    TEZZIE: Love that shot...It AMAZING!

    Love our Beautiful Monday!!!

    Have a Blessing Week!


  9. Hello everyone! Happy Monday...and a huge welcome to Sonya and Caroline :D

    Buckeroomama - That shot is AMAZING! Love the composition, lighting, focus...and the double decker with Chinese writing! :D

    Caroline - beautiful! Awesome that you caught the movement of those wings...he looks like a little helicopter, or something ;D

    Lola - That is my absolute fave of your snail shots...I love how he's gazing longily back at his buddy Kort :D

    Nisa - Oh, my... paradise ... *sigh*

    Becky - Wow...your husband sure is a hard worker...and how sweet of Kaish to give him a massage! Looks like fun :D

    Rikako - Yummy! And, I know, eh...what IS it with kids just HAVING to have the absolute same thing as each other!? Only way to solve it is to get 2 of each kind!

    Rocio - So very beautiful! I love the contrast in your shot...50% colour and 50% not-so-much :D Kinda describes a typical week for me LOL

    Sarah - I scream, you scream...we ALL scream for ice cream! :D cream season is almost here!

    Suki - I don't know how you manage to turn exactly every picture into such incredible art! Excellent sun flare :D

    As for my shot...I WISH that was my project he was working on...alas, I "only" got a demonstration this time. He's woodturning, making curved trim for a grandfather clock. A block of birch wood spins at an incredible speed while he holds a special tool that cuts/trims/shaves the form that he's intending to make. A little like turning clay to make a vase...but with muuuuch higher speeds, really hard material...and supersharp cutting tools ;D

    Maybe I'll get to test it out next time...a bit intimidating, though, since the last time I tried it, I lost the feeling in my thumb for over 2 days!

  10. Welcome! Sonya and Caroline.
    I am so excited to see your life through the photos.