Friday, May 31, 2013

"In a Row"

SINGWA  - Hong Kong
Fri - May 31, 2013 photo Boon-Chocolates-1_zps37bbf673.jpg

MADDY - NYC/New Jersey
 Mon. March 11. 2013 photo DSC_3867_0741_zps4518543d.jpg

 TINA - Sweden
Fri - May 31, 2013 photo 130531_1_cg_zpsd865f15e.jpg
Colorful food is more fun!

CAROLINE - England
Fri May 31st photo p1858957588-5_zps5cff630d.jpg
He Likes cake!!

BECKY - Philadelphia
 photo adarkandstormynight_zps88d5038d.jpg

JADE - Thailand
MAY 31: IN A ROW photo _TMK3025_zps47aa11c5.jpg

MAY - Germany
 Tue, April 23rd 2013 photo DSC_3629_zpsbc9e779d.jpg

SONYA - the Netherlands
Fri May 31,2013 photo duckpond12_zpsf520ebec.jpg

WANDA - Montreal
Fri May 31, 2013 - In a Row photo DSC_5368-2_zpsbd24a19b.jpg

Happy and safe week-end everyone!
See you on Monday.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today–May 30, 2013

...baked this bread called a Kolach and it's one of the biggest breads she has baked yet!
Thurs May 30,2013 photo kolach1_zps20afce54.jpg
JADE {THAILAND} in the mood to bake!
MAY 30: In a mood to bake photo _TMK3010_zpsd7f7c732.jpg
…can’t leave home without a cup of coffee first!
Mon. May 13. 2013 photo DSC_0003_0541_zps68e1ee2a.jpg
Her son, Stitch, was a 'little bit' happy with this birthday present!! He was 6 on Monday.
Thurs May 30th photo p1769318912-5_zpsb2d18bc5.jpg
took this picture of this beautiful dog and made us want to have a pet dog just like this one!
 photo beautifulboy_zpsa6f47a22.jpg
Her beautiful daughter, Dahlia...
Thur May 30, 2013  - Daughter Dahlia photo DSC_5404softwm_zpsea650a01.jpg
sees her daughter play clapping games and remembers back to when she was that age and playing clapping games herself.
Thu - May 30, 2013 photo A-Sailor-Went-to_zps7675bc36.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Around The World ~ The Coffee etc... Edition!

Singwa  (Hong Kong) ~ drinks Green Tea with honey

Jade (Thailand)

Sonya  (The Netherlands) ~ prefers Coffee..with 2 fake sugars and some creamer please :)

This adorable goose is missing half of his foot. It didn't seem to slow him down any!

Tina (Sweden) ~ says "Coffee is my grab and go, tea is my coziness"

After two weeks without a kitchen, I felt ever so happy being able to bake again..!

Wanda (Canada) ~ is a Lemon Tea drinker
Tue May 28, 2013 #1/2 photo 133wmfb_zps708ef01a.jpg

Caroline (England) ~ likes a mugful of milky Douwe Egberts decaf ~ but she didn't grab a shot 
because she was away camping in the Yorkshire Moors.

Coffee or Tea? How do you take yours? 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweet or Savoury....and a few other things!

CAROLINE - England
 photo 8745074115_8c38b48f5a_c_zps958a05d5.jpg

Certainly fits in the SWEET category.
 photo 8745076859_cb943669b8_b_zps9bf064b7.jpg

SINGWA - Hong Kong
Fri - May 24, 2013 photo No-Bake-Chocolate-Bar-1_zps6de29f34.jpg
Definitely sweet and yummy!

JADE - Thailand
MAY 24: MY "SWEET" PAPA photo _TMK2993_zps29d0ddba.jpg

MAY - Germany
 photo 55bd160e-4f6e-45c7-9eb7-dcc72134e35e_zpsf31465de.jpg

WANDA - Montreal

Fri May 24, 2013 photo DSC_5304wmfb_zps1d770c36.jpg

Sweet and Savoury could almost be their nicknames! =) photo DSC_5339wmfb_zps32a820c5.jpg
Sweet and Savoury could almost be their nicknames! =)
We hope everyone enjoys a sweet week-end!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TODAY - May 23, 2013

 photo 8726146163_e8880500fc_c_zpsf5aaa5e5.jpg
MAY 23 photo _TMK2996_zps9daf934a.jpg
Thurs. May 23. 2014 photo WA_0170BW_zps6c86d616.jpg 
The painter dressed my home in plastic - somehow I found it quite beautiful.
Thu - May 23, 2013 photo 130523_1_cg_zps2bd7b9ca.jpg
Thu - May 23, 2013 photo Tea-cups-1_zps77813b50.jpg

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tuesday Around The World

Yesterday was supposed to be our 'gadgets' day, but you know we all have busy lives right..?

Well, sadly most of us didn't post up anything for that 'theme' ...

...Except for MADDY (NYC/New Jersey) who posted this INCREDIBLE picture of her beautiful new nephew, 
born last week, and weighed on these scales!

Maddy also shared these pretty flowers :D

...and TINA (Sweden), who has a whole new kitchen (click the pic to see her blog about it) ...
Mon - May 20, 2013 photo 130520_cg_zpsed688641.jpg

but she cooked these on the BBQ ~ it's that time of year!!

JADE ~ Thailand
Gadgets and Dogs ~ both man's best friends ;)

SINGWA ~ Hong Kong
"Z and her friends off on their own at Disneyland.  They (mostly) called the shots with regard to where we should head to next."

BECKY ~ Philadelphia

 photo missingteeth_zps125258af.jpg

CAROLINE ~ England
"Ho, the Wind blows" ~ and I am grateful to get my washing dry OUTside again!"

Join us this week :D

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We'd love to see you!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Road Signs...

You might be thinking 'Road Signs' is a rather odd topic 
~ and possibly rather boring,

The Tale of Two Cities...  Chester is such a beautiful city!

...Crewe, on the other hand, not so much :(
(Caroline ~ England)

...but you would be mistaken!

A very faded and worn sign that shows that walkers and bikers are welcome - but not mopeds.
(Tina ~ Sweden)

Road SIGNS are  interesting,

 (Jade ~ Thailand)


(Becky ~ Philedelphia)

and tell us SO much about a place!

A sign for the "The Tube" in London.
(Maddy ~ visiting England)

We are wanting to taste this global community, that we are ALL part of:

(Singwa ~ Hong-Kong)

Road Signs are a great way to get a flavour!

(may we apologise for the late running of this post!)