Thursday, April 1, 2010

4.1.2010 "SELF PORTRAIT"

4/1 Self Portrait
This is me....drawn by my 5yrs old son.
He enjoyed drawing a lot of decayed teeth which I didn't have.

Self portrait Tressa


4.1  Self-portrait

4.1 "Self portrait"
If you get the idea that I hate having my picture'd be right! ;D

Me in my fullest glory!

4.1 Self Portrait
This was a fun challenge, but...I'm not actually this moody!

4.1 Self Portrait
(Yiti Beach, Oman)

4.1 Self-portrait
I don't like being in pictures but I'm trying to get better about that :)

4.1 Self-Portrait

4.1.10 Self Portrait
This is my LEAST favorite day ever. I am sure everyone else is just exciting as can be. Me? Not so much! This is how I usually look though. Unexciting. With my tongue stuck out. Very glam!

a yummie self portrait
A yummy self portrait! I love meat!! Please don't tell the cows from Chic~Fil~A! but Yep! I ♥ MEAT! BBQ Ribs are my favorite and The County Line in San Antonio, TX has the best ones!


  1. You are all bee-yoo-ti-ful!

    Tezzie and Buckeroomama -- great minds think alike :)

    Becky -- you are so cute! I'm so proud of you for posting a selfie!

    Katie -- very creative!

    Emily -- definitely moody!

    Lola -- you are too cute! love your dogs in so many of your shots!

    Cornelia -- what gorgeous curly hair!

    Rocio -- yum!

    Rikako -- that is adorable! i love it when my kids draw pictures of me!!

  2. Oh my word : ) So fun. Sarah! You are beautiful. Why in the world would you ever be afraid to step in front of the camera? Fantastic picture. I like your eyes Tezzie! Blue? Pretty. Or should I say I like your eye? : )

    Emily, that says DRAMA loud and clear!

    Meat is one of my favorite things Roccio. This made me laugh.

    A self portrait by your child. That is just brilliant!

    Lola is always pretty! I don't even need to comment.


    Get out the word about our contest today Girls! : )

  3. Love all the self-portraits!

    Hehe...Rocio, I think your's is my favourite...I'm pretty sure I was a carnivore in my previous life! ;-)

  4. Ooh, I love this series, even though I almost didn't post! I guess a few of us are more comfortable being behind the lenses.

    Cornelia - You have a hint of Scarlett Johansson in you! :)

    Rikako - I LOVE the drawing... and I love what you wrote! Hahaha!

    Rocio - Om nom nom!

    Tezzie/Sarah - Great minds, indeed! Heh. :)

    Katie - I have a similar shot from France, but I had my backpack on and it made my hips really wide... so I didn't use that. SO vain, eh? :)

    Lola, Becky, Rocio, & Emily --You ladies ROCK! You get full points for doing this all out! :)

  5. Rikako: That drawing is HILARIOUS! What a brilliant idea for this theme!

    Lola: You look so happy in this shot! I love seeing the connection you have with your dogs.

    Buckeroomama: I'm glad you decided to post a picture for this theme. You look beautiful behind your camera! No wonder your little ones are so cute!

    Tezzie: Wow! You got a lot of intensity into this shot even though all we can see is part of your eye. Impressive!

    Katie: Lovely! I wish that was MY shadow stretching out across that pretty beach. What a nice day!

    Sarah: I hate being in pictures too, but I try to force myself to do it anyway. One of these days, I want my kids to look back and know I was actually there! Besides, you look pretty!

    Cornelia: I love this! The light, your flawless skin, your happy look like an advertisement for living life!

    Becky: This is cute! You look pretty and almost taken by surprise!

    Rocio: Too funny! Everyone else is almost too nervous to post a picture and then there you are confidently eating a slab of meat. I love it!

    I thought this was a difficult challenge, but now, it's one of my favorite posts! It was fun to see how you see yourselves!

  6. Such wonderful CREATIVE photos y'all! - Mine is on its way..I posted it but something went wrong... Trying to coax my family out into the rain for a TODAY shot! : )

  7. Wonderful portraits girls! You are all beautiful! I can't imagine why you don't want your pictures taken. Katie, I loved the shadow shot.

    Sorry I didn't participate in this one. 1. I am NOT beautiful on the outside. Hmm, should have found a way to capture that inner beauty. lol! 2. I've been dealing with a root canal and wasn't coherent enough to think of the inner beauty idea until just now... Ah well.

  8. RIKAKO: 【ツ】so so Creative!!! Gotta love that shot,
    Si! una foto PERFECTA!!!

    TRESSA: AMAZING EYES!! Hermosa!!!!

    LOLA: W☺W!!!!! iLove♥ Ür Hair!! Es Bellizimo!!! aww and that cutie next to Ü...♥perfect model!

    BUCKEROOMAMA: I can see your are muy Hermosa!! Don't be shy! I would love to see your beautiful eyes too!【ツ】

    TEZZIE: I love the mood on ur pic! I love your EYE!!! Shy but beautiful!!

    EMILY: another W☺W!!!! It's just PERFECTA!!!!!!
    the swing
    the B&W tone
    the expression
    just ♥PERFECTA!!!

    KATIE: Oh I love pictures like this!! I can take one everyday and I bet it will be a different one every time... I ♥ the Beach!!!

    SARAH: Well you sure did an excellent job on capturing your Beauty!! ♥Love ur hair and eyes!!
    Muy Hermosa my friend!!

    CORNELIA: Definitely another W☺W!!!
    hair, eyebrows, smile, a PERFECT from a magazine!! Your smile is contagious! iLuv it!
    Eres super HERMOSA!!!!

    BECKY: Mi Amiga Hermosa!! Love it!
    Ü silly Girl!! I can see that you are the coolest M☺M ever!!【ツ】 I don't know what I was thinking when I upload this picture!...gosh!!! I hate pics 2 but then I said whata heck... I am not hurting any one, (iHope) L☺L

    Great Entries Chicas!!!

  9. Great pics everyone!

    Rocio - you CRACK me up! This picture made me hungry! I love meat too! And RIBS? Oh, just love ribs!

    Thanks for being such good sports you camera-shy girls!!!

  10. Love all your portraits.
    You did such a wonderful job, showing yourself and I loved that peek behind the lens.

  11. Nice to see you all, my friends!

    Rikako - your son is a great artist! I love that he included your beautiful heart :D

    Tressa - Gorgeous...I see where your daughter gets those incredible eyes from!

    Lola - sweet, playful...ADORABLE (love the Bubster...and yay for you looking so stunning while rolling around on the grass!)

    Buckeroomama - pretty...and mysterious! ;D

    Suki - hee hee...master of self portraits; love the comic relief!

    Emily - the mood you've captured is incredible...beautiful you!!!

    Katie - great shot! I always try to avoid that shadow...but you did a great job incorporating it into the landscape :D

    Sarah - You were a lot braver than I was! :D Lovely!

    Cornelia - You're a rock star, girl!

    Becky - LOL! I shot one with me sticking out my tongue, as well...I just wasn't as brave posting it :D Love the surveillance camera effect you've captured!

    Rocio - You win this round!! Absolutely LOVE and admire your bravery, and your attitude of 'well, if you've gotta do it, might as well go all out' is truly inspirational! Maybe we'll all be as brave as you are, a while down the road in this photo journey. (and, oh yeah...meat=yum...and you've made me hungry, darn it!)