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My name is Tressa aka American in Norway. I live in Fredrikstad, Norway but am a Texas girl at heart...

Most people wonder how I came to be an American in Norway.

I met my Norwegian Viking husband while we were both sailing the Caribbean.
I guess you can say it was LOVE at first sight, because 8 weeks after meeting each other we decided to get married... that was almost 14 years ago.

We have two wonderful "babies" Dane Colten 10 & Eva Gabrielle 5. Our language of choice at home is "Nor-English" we bounce between the two languages so often we don't even know we are doing it.

If we won the lottery tomorrow, we would do an around the world back packing trip with our kiddos... - the kids love to travel almost as much as their mom.

My great passions in life are my family, traveling & photography.

I look forward to sharing my little part of Norway with y'all!

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Rikako is married and has two kids: a little boy who is 5 yrs old, a little girl who is two. She lives in Fukuoka, which is a south island of Japan. She works as an office administrator for the Movie theatres there. She loves her job because watching movies is one of her favorite hobbies. She also loves listening to music, reading, eating, and shopping. She spent her highschool life in California, dreaming of Beverlyhills 90210.

Saturday, January 30, 2010



Rebeckah is a 33 year old:
mother of 1 amazing son
wife of 1 spectacular husband
daughter of 2 loving parents
sibling of 1 sister and 1 brother

She loves:
her role as a mommy
her job as a social worker
her hobby of taking pictures of every and any thing!

She hopes to one day:
see Jesus in heaven
make a difference in the lives of impoverished children
make beautiful pictures

This project will help her:
connect with other women around the globe
grow skills
see beauty in each day

Her blog can be found at

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am Caroline,
but can sometimes be found around the internet as 'Frogmum' for reasons I will explain! I am a SAH ~ home educating Mum to eight beautiful children (2 boys, 3 girls, 3 boys) aged from 18 down to 4 ~ they keep me on my toes! I am wife to Paul ~ my wonderful, long-suffering, gracious, adorable, funny, loving, pastor-husband. I have a deep and personal relationship with Jesus and it is my life-goal to raise my children to enjoy the same. Home educating my children to their fullest potential and with maximum enjoyment (not always achieved) is my passion. One afternoon we decided to adopt the name FROG-Academy for our home-school: the FROG stands for Fully Rely On God, for that is what I do daily, but it also speaks volumes about the nature of children ~ they truly are my little tadpoles & froglets and I am Frogmum!

My other great passion is photography, which I discovered FOR REAL about five years ago (having loved to take pictures all my life, but with little real knowledge of how!) and have since been DEEPLY addicted ~ iheartfaces has a lot to answer for :) !! I shoot with a Nikon D5000  & set myself up in business in the summer of 2012, but folded it when we moved to Liverpool in 2016. Life has been a little crazy since then and photography has taken a bit of a back-seat again, but life has its seasons...

I'm really LOVE being a part of Communal Global and getting to know the world a little better :D

My personal blogs are: ~ where I blog about school and family life

I can also be found here; 
and I am frogmum8 on Twitter :D

Archived work; ~ where I used to post to competitions and memes ~ where I completed my first two years of 365 pictures. 



My name is Sonya and I'm an expat. I'm originally from Oregon but now make my home in The Netherlands. If someone would have told me that one day, I would leave everything I had ever known, for a country I didn't know one single thing about AND drinking coffee for the first time in my life, I never would have believed them. I'm a small town American girl living a life in a beautiful quirky country that I don't always understand..but still love. I enjoy reading cookbooks and learning how to recreate our favorite meals from scratch. I've taken up photography and that has equally become a passion of mine. I'm a wife and a mother of two and you can follow my adventures over at my blog

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Hola my name is Rocío a.k.a "Chio" I am a Texan M☺M that lives right across the border of México. I have 3 Beautiful Angels and I am always chasing them with my camera. My kids are my everything! I love photography and I am still in the process of learning about it. I got my SLR camera last year and I am loving it!

My blog is called probablyyesme.



Wanda Malfara is a Mother (at long last), and blogs about her two munchkins on her blog At Last…We are Family! She and her husband adopted Dahlia, age 7 now and Milana, age 2 from China and they are the light and breath in their lives. Wanda can hardly remember life before them.

However, if pressed she can come up with a few details. Wanda is an artist (painter – oil on canvas) specializing in realism/figurative and portraiture. Her studio is at home which gives her more time with the kiddos. Lately though, her passion has extended to photography and her favorite subjects are those kiddos again. Her blog is full of them as is her heart.

Wanda is sort of a carpe diem kind of person – hopes to live till she’s 120 and pack as much into that life as possible. With a background in classical music, Wanda has many other interests she enjoys like gardening, decorating, entertaining, travelling, reading and hanging with friends. She feels very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with an international development
organization and travelled to Africa and Asia during her ten years with them.

Wanda and her family live in the burbs, just outside Montreal, Canada.

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My name is Sarah, and I have been married for almost 10 years and have 3 kids and a chocolate lab. I have lived in Atlanta, GA since I was 3. My husband is a perfect match for me and we balance each other out quite nicely! Our house is often chaotic, crazy and loud, but I wouldn't change a thing about our family -- well, maybe I would, but then I wouldn't have anything to blog about :) I've always loved taking pictures, but in the last two years photography has turned into a passion. I also enjoy cooking, reading, spending time with my girlfriends (a rarity!) and date nights with my husband (almost as rare as spending time with my girlfriends!!) You can read about my family's adventures on my blog,
Party of Five


Laura Dugovic is the author of The Lola Letters blog. She has been married for nearly ten years and has two sons (Kortland - 7 years, and Tennyson - 3 months). Her family lives in the foothills just south of the base of Mt. Timpanogas in Utah.
Laura's husband, Kyle is a private business owner. They have two dogs named Bella and Bubbuh. Laura is a stay at home mom who enjoys photography, decorating her home, gardening (during the few short warm months Utah provides), baking, and writing. Laura's blog is all about finding the beautiful and the humorous in every day life (sprinkled with the occasional "rant" here and there). After 4 and a half years of struggling to have another child, they are finally enjoying their second son. They could not be more thrilled!


Wow. About me huh? I feel like I live a fairly uneventful life in Las Vegas, NV. Well, as uneventful as life can be with 3 fun, high energy kids and a husband that craves adventure! Born and raised in the small town of Bloomfield NY, I married my best friend (and biggest competitor in puzzle making and snowball launches) shortly after my first year in college. I joined him here, in Las Vegas, where his job was located and we both agreed that we would live here “temporarily,” and return to green hills and trees as soon as possible. Well, almost 9 years later I have grown to love this city and what it has to offer. The “city” is not so much city! I hardly see it! I teach bread & cooking classes out of my home with my sister Rachelle (We are the Two Baking Sisters, and LOVE IT!). I attend book club. Play basketball. Help out at school. Ride bikes with my kids. Eat Golden Spoon as much as possible. Buy groceries using as many coupons as possible. Make cookies and eat the dough raw. You know … the norm! I love trying new things, and can’t wait to jump into this blog! Enjoy.
You can check out me personal family blog HERE!

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I am the girl that lived my whole life in the same city - down the street from my grandparents, next door to my best friend. I loved this life, but I also dreamed of a life of adventure and exploration. I left Canada in 2002 and my life has certainly been an adventure from there.

I now have a handsome hubby and two sweet little girls. 

We have lived in several American cities, Egypt, Oman, Indonesia. I am  now beginning a new adventure as the girls and I head home to Canada for the next year while my dear husband does an assignment in Iraq.
I am not a photographer but every day as I see and do more, I feel a need to capture the moments. I guess it's time for me to learn!

I'm excited to contribute to this blog and think it will help me find joy in the magnificent and the mundane.


Salma describes herself as an Imperfect Stepford Wife because she simply cannot get it right. She loves decorating, parenting,learning, reading and cooking, and she delights in all things mischivious which drives her hubby crazy.

Having had an arranged marriage she is very curious about love and marriage and blogs about her volatile relationship that continues to teach her a lot about herself. Salma is committed to laughing more because she got sick of crying over the yesterdays that never blossomed into the todays she wished and hoped for.

2010 is a very busy year for Salma. She is going on 100 dates with her husband, reading 100 books (mostly recommended by her friends and blog readers), and she is memorizing the Quran. She is also in her first weeks of grief therapy, and as a part of her treamtment she is working on a special blog project that includes her friends and family (which she is documenting and will share with her readers in March).

Check out her kitchen, her journey on 100 dates, and her reading challenge for 2010 at her blog:



Emily, Italy. As a little girl in rural Oklahoma, Emily Sovich dreamed about exploring the world. Now, as an adult, she's traveled across countries and continents working to realize that dream. In so doing, she's formed friendships across cultures and built connections that will last her a lifetime. When she isn't traveling, Emily lives in a small valley deep in the Sicilian countryside with her husband and their two daughters. In her fleeting moments of spare time, she keeps a record of all things simple and small on her blog Discovering Flowers.


Hi, I'm Singwa (aka Buckeroomama on my blog).  I have been living in Hong Kong for over 20 years… and loving it. I'm married and have two tikesters who light up my world.

When the kids were younger, my blog was filled with pics of them, but now that they're older and are not amused at seeing their own pics and little stories online, most of photos I take these days are of the scenes I see around Hong Kong, food (that I eat, that I make), stuff that I see during our various trips or just about anything that I find interesting.

When not blogging (or baking/cooking or hiking), I teach baby sign language and conduct Baby Signs® parent workshops for families and do Baby Signs® training for early childhood educators.

Instagram:  Buckeroomama

Tinajo (Sweden)

My real name is Tina and I live in the south of Sweden with my husband and our two sons - who I usually call my "rascals" because, well... that´s what they are. We also share our home with a snobbish cat and a dog who believes she´s a boy - and these two furry individuals are the source of much fun and laughter for the rest of the family.
I like to do almost everything that´s creative in any way; taking lots of photos, crocheting, writing, decorating our home, baking and so on.  Often one thing lead to another - which means new discoveries and challenges I want to try. I have a soft spot for travelling, clothes and everything that is pretty. So far my own blog has been my only outlet for all the things I love in life - but now I´m very happy to be able to share here as well.
Oh - and I have a very silly sense of humour. Consider yourself warned!
(You can check out Tina’s blog Tinajo @ Home at

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May in Germany
I am May, an Indian expat living the life of a German in Deutschland. Married for 12 years, am mommy to a boy (aged 11) and a daughter (aged 9). Originally from Bangalore (India), we are presently living in Lohr am Main (Germany), a pretty little village which you slowly fall in love with . We will be here till 2013, following which we are headed back home to India. My life revolves around my family and the Macbook Pro (as my hubby and kids put it). 
Currently I am back to school giving a shot at learning to speak and understand the German language. When not in school, you will find me at home cooking( a passion), baking, doing up our home, crocheting, dabbling with paints, listening to the goldie oldies, and also blogging at With Love from Lohr.  My blog is more like a picture diary recording our life and experiences in a foreign land.
Expat life has also introduced me to traveling, understanding new cultures and a newfound passion in photography which i love. So, If you ever happen to pass by Lohr am Main and see an Indian walking the cobbled streets with a camera around her neck.....then yeah...that's me.. :)
I am so happy to be a part of Communal Global and I hope I get to know each one of you a lot better!!!

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