Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4.13.2010 "Tuesdays Around the World!"

Today is the day! We want to see your Tuesday! Today's theme is "At the park, or on a walk." Share your day with us! Where do you like to walk? Do you have a favorite park, and why do you love it so? We want to know!

To join in the fun, simply post your picture to your own blog with a description of your day and a link to communal global, then come on over here and link it with us so we know where to find you! We can't wait to see more (and more and more) of your lovely lives! The link-up-thingamajig is at the bottom of today's post. Happy Today-ing!

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4.13.10 Today at the Park
We played with Ben and Levi. It is lots of fun to play. 'Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night.' ~Rainer Maria Rilke

4.13 At the park
Under cherry blossoms that began to scatter. Kent(My son) runs after the pigeon.

Park & Bubbles an Awesome combination!

4.13 At the park (or on a walk)
We walk to school every afternoon to pick Kathryn up. Matthew doesn't walk -- he rolls! On a bike, scooter or now his roller blades!

At the park 4.13.
I tried out my macro lenses which arrived the other day.

4.13 "On a Walk"
The kids and I took advantage of it being such a gorgeous day, by taking a little walk after we got home...notice the snow is practically all gone??!! :D (that's our house in the distance, btw...)

4.13  At the Park/During a Walk
This was taken last June and remains one of my favorite pictures of Josh and Zoë. This reflects both their personalities so well.

4.13 At the park (or on a walk)
I love going on nature walks with my girls because I get to see all the different things that catch their interest! In this shot, Penelope's peeking through the fence at a puppy and Katherine's heading toward a cluster of flowers. Aren't they sweet?

Our favorite park is called "Cherry" and it is a short, 5 minute drive up Hobble Creek Canyon. Kort would rather go there than anywhere else on the planet...okay, maybe barring Disneyland...but you get the idea. This was taken last October. I wanted to take a new one, but the weather didn't exactly cooperate, so I had to dig up an oldie.

4/13 "On a Walk"
We discovered these pretty red flowers. I'll have to look up what they are later.


  1. Buckeroomama, you simply must stop posting such adorable pictures of your children!!

    Suki, what lens did you get? I'm envious :) I want a macro!!

    Emily, your girls have the most beautiful blonde hair!

    Tezzie, I love your house!! It looks like you live in the middle of nowhere -- I've always wanted to live in the middle of nowhere :)

    Becky, you always have the greatest quotes!

  2. Nisa - That looks like a hibiscus. :)

    You're like the Pioneer Woman of Finland, Tezzie. :)

    Emily - I was thinking exactly the same thing that Sarah wrote... that your girls have the most gorgeous blonde hair ever!

    Go, Matthew, go! That looks like it's downhill... whee!

    Fun, colorful bubbles, Rocio! :)

    I love cherry blossoms. Chasing pigeons is a lot of fun! I used to do that, too, when I was a kid. :)

    Becky --you are the Queen of Quotes!

    Oh, I am SO loving the fall feel of your photo, Lola. That's my favorite season. :)

    Suki - I would say that I am jealous of your new lens, but I will have to get a dSLR first!

  3. Your todays are all beautiful!

    (I used my park picture yesterday, if I add your link to the post, can it count?)

  4. Tuesday around the world, thanks for sharing such lovely photos from you all.

  5. I love, love, love all the happy children : ) Don't they make life so grand? : )

  6. Days at the park are my fav!!! All of these pictures make me so happy. :)

  7. Wonderful days around the world. Love all the happy kids faces :)
    I actually got macro filters which you can put on any lens. They are awesome and not as expensive as a lens :)

  8. Wonderful photos ladies! :- Remember me? - Sorry I have been MIA...back from Ireland & ready to start adding photos! : ) Tressa-Norway

  9. Becky: Love your quotes!!

    Rikako: Beautiful photo! Love your little guy!

    Sarah: Love that he loves to roll!

    Suki: Beautiful...♥

    Tezzie: 【ツ】The Pioneer Woman from Finland...Indeed!
    My kiddos will go will in that field!

    Buckeroomama: Love all the sweet love...♥

    Emily: They are Precious...♥

    Lola: ><(((º>♥< Fish Love

  10. Rocio - What kind of BUBBLES are those?! If you say 'photoshop generated', I'll be a little heartbroken. I want some in real life!

    Sarah - Is that a really big hill? It looks like a really big hill. (Deep breaths...)

    Emily - This is a gorgeous shot of your gorgeous girls! I love both of their activities :)

    Nisa - I think that's a hibiscus, but either way, it's stunning!

  11. My favorite place is my own back yard. My post today was "If You Were Here," I'd give you a tour. So even though my photos are as stellar as ya'll you may enjoy a mosy and a cuppa joe.

  12. I just love all of these beautiful images! I hope that we can join in next week.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha from the 3 Sisters, 365.

  13. I just love all of these beautiful images! I hope that we can join in next week.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha from the 3 Sisters, 365 blog.