Friday, April 2, 2010

4.2.2010 "TODAY"

I did a lot of running around today. Don't you love sleepy/bored/zoned-out car eyes? Don't worry, I stopped at a red light before I got all photo happy!

4.02 Today is a Perfect Day to get marry!
Today is a perfect day to get married! My friend Heather got married to her sweetheart Chris. They will be moving to Hawaii next week. I am going to miss her so much.

Place I call home....

4.2 Today
Today (or, I should say, tonight) I'm going out for dinner. Considering that restaurants in Sicily open around 8pm and my girls start getting sleepy around 6pm, for me, a dinner out is a rare treat!

4.2 Today
My car...again! This is the sound system that I've got running. The original radio can still play most radio stations, but for when I want to listen to my own music I have my little iPod shuffle, stuck to the dash with prestic and connected to a little loudspeaker :-) Works great!

4.2  Today
Josh gets to wear his Easter hat, handpainted by KungKung (grandpa).

4.2 Today
Today I went exploring and found intricate temple carvings placed against a peaceful sky. (Bali, Indonesia)

4.2 Today
Excited for our first T-ball season. I love watching my little one try to imitate his older brother -- he looks like a walking bobble-head when we put the batting helmet on him ;)

4.2.10 Today
Do we not have the cutest children in our neighborhood? This is baby Rishi who just turned 2 with Shoshi who is 10. I love them!

4/2 Today
Tiger was made from colorful carnations. Eyes were moving. Nice Fun Work!

I played around with fake butterflies today and this one came out. I can not believe it is already april. I feel like new years eve was yesterday...

4.2 "Today"
We are home, having a relaxing family day, gearing up for our Easter Celebration!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Tezzie! I love that! Relaxing before the big Easter rush. Your son is very sweet. Adorable!

    Norway is so pretty Tressa. I love the snow and ice. Fantastically gorgeous!

    Your son looks adorable while driving. I would have to stop and take his picture as well : ).

    Sarah! Your little bobble head is the cutest thing ever! What a sweetheart! I hope you have many fun days at the ballpark this Spring and Summer!

    Awesome float made from carnations with moving eyes Rikako! How cool is that?

    LOVE the statue you found Emily. Very fascinating. The sky is a lovely backdrop for that image.

    Suki always makes me smile with her self portraits. She is a self portrait super star.

    Cornelia I LOVE how cool the inside of your car looks. Awesome. Great color!

    Grandpa made the COOLEST hat ever. What fun. I am so excited for your son to wear that.

    Hope everyone has a wonderfully fun Easter weekend.

  2. Whoops! I forgot to tell Emily to have fun when she goes out to dinner! I hope you have safe travels in the crazy traffic : ).

    And Katie, you took the magnificent statue picture. Sorry for my error.

  3. Gorgeous pictures everyone.

    Lola, I love those little sleepy eyes.

    Congratulations to the bride and grrom, Rocio.

    Tressa, the place where you live looks so calm and peaceful. Love that!

    Emily, have fun at your night out today. The food in this shot looks so very yummy.

    Cornelia, cool shot. Glad your ipod works with that little speaker.

    Buckeroomama, this is one very gorgeous looking Easter hat. Are they always made by the grandpa?

    Katie, the sky is beautiful. And so is the statue.

    Sarah, your little guy looks so cute with this huge batting helmet. But he looks so so very happy.

    Becky, you have the cutest children in your neighbourhood. Love the little ones lips. So sweet!

    Rikako, how fun this looks. Funny that the eyes were moving.

    Tezzie, have fun gearing up for Easter, but don't forget to relax a little.

  4. Lola - His eyes are SO beautiful! Makes me melt! :)

    Rocio - What a sweet picture. I am so loving the colors in this photo!

    Tressa - Such a beautiful place that which you call home. :)

    Emily - It used to be that way with us, too. Now my husband and I have date night every Sat night, but we usually get back home before 10am. Gone are the days when we would stay out late! :)

    Cornelia - What a great idea with the iPod Shuffle! I'm in love with your car, do you know that? :)

    Katie - What I would give to see such clear skies! It's been pretty foggy here these past few days.

    Sarah - Aww, he looks so proud to be wearing the batting helmet. Makes me just want to scoop him up and give him a sweet squeeze. :)

    Becky - Rishi and Shoshi (I love their names!) have such beautiful round eyes!

    Rikako - At first, I thought it was a cake (!). Now why would I think that?! :)

    Suki - That photo belongs in the pages of a glossy fashion magazine! :)

    Tezzie - My son would love his pj's! Me, I love those glasses... This side view of him reminds me of the little kid from Jerry McGuire. :) I love that kid!

  5. Oh, Suki - I forgot to answer your question: No, it's not a tradition that the grandpa makes the Easter hat. It just so happened that my parents are visiting and my son wanted his "famous" grandpa to decorate his hat. :)

    (He thinks his grandpa is "famous." Heh.)

  6. What a wonderful day! It makes me want to go exploring! I could use an adventure!

  7. What a beautiful day everyone had!

  8. LOLA: What a sweet picture of your little boy. I know it's been said but those eyes of his are just stunning.

    ROCIO: I love that your friend and her new hubby seem so calm, happy and in love. And moving to HAWAII?!! Sooooo jealous! ;)

    TRESSA: That sky, the water, the boats...*sigh* I just want to place myself out on that dock with a chair and a book. Perfect.

    EMILY: Yummmmmmmmmmmm. I think that says it all.

    CORNELIA: I love the yellow! LOVE it!! Now I want your car. ;)

    BUCKEROOMAMA: Is that a Chinese tradition? I love that we are learning all about different cultures. So interesting!

    SARAH: Oooooh! What a cutie!! I just want to lift him up and tickle those cheeks of his with the adorable dimples.

    BECKY: I'm sure there is no competition! AND in addition to being dang cute, they both have eyes that just seem to connect with you. Shoshi's are so kind, warm and loving and Rishi's are sweet and innocent. <3

    RIKAKO: Amazing! Do you mean that you helped make that?! WOW!

    SUKI: Stunning my dear, truly stunning. This is the kind of picture that makes you stop and look at just a little bit longer.

    TEZZIE: The colours are so great in this pic and the alien pjs? I want some! ;)

  9. All of your "todays" look so welcoming and beautiful :) (and the littles in the photos are all so adorable!)

  10. All of your "todays" look so welcoming and beautiful :) (and the littles in the photos are all so adorable!)

  11. All of your "todays" look so welcoming and beautiful :) (and the littles in the photos are all so adorable!)

  12. What a great wedding picture, on the beach, that's the best. I got married in Hawaii, almost two years ago to my wonderful husband. I wish we could have moved there too. :P