Friday, February 19, 2010



I'm Kat. I am sixteen years young, and have lived in the same city for the entirety of my short life.

My blog, found at was set up late last year as a dear friend told me to "just do it."

I take pictures because these days, thats how i think -- in photographs. I obviously have no kids of my own, but my household is filled with my four siblings aged between 8-18, a mummy, two dogs and a fish. Between them and my gorgeous cousins, i usually find something lovely to photograph.

Other than that, my obsessions lie with my Canon SLR, new music {cough...john mayer...cough}, knee socks, snow, sunshine, traveling and lying on the ground at night watching the stars :)


Kat :)


  1. Lying at the ground watching the stars... you sound like my kind of gal!

  2. You do sound fun and exciting Kat! And I LOVE your pretty green eyes. We are so glad to have you join us! 16. Such a great age!

  3. Hola Kat!
    Bienvenida! ~ Welcome!

    canon ~ one of my favorites
    john mayer ~ awesome
    knee socks ~ they rock
    snow ~ love it
    sunshine ~ most have
    traveling ~ i enjoy it so much
    lying on the ground at night watching the stars ~ every night in my beautiful South Padre Island, TX

  4. Welcome, Kat!
    I am so happy to get to know you.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.
    I already love your beautiful photos.