Thursday, February 18, 2010


2.18  "My favourite dishes"
This category could be interpreted in two ways... I chose the easier one! LOL ! These are two patterns that I've been collecting for a while...the striped one is from Pentik, and the glass is an old pattern that I buy whenever I see them at yard sales, antique markets and second hand stores.

My favourite dishes 2.18.
This is a yummy treat. Kinda like a little cake and oh so delish. This is not an actual dish. I love all sort of foods, so it was hard to capture the favourite dish for me.

Though I d.r.e.a.m. of having beautiful heirloom dishes passed down to me from either one of my dear, beautiful grandmothers, I (unfortunately) happen to be one out of 60 cousins on my mom's side and one out of 30 something cousins on my dad's, so, my chances of getting much of anything sentimental or beautiful or special handed down to me are slim to none. :( I found these used little beauties at a flea market while vacationing in California. I love them. I love the color, the frilly mold, and I really love the white chips on their edges. There are only 5 of them, so I only get to pull them out for small, intimate gatherings, but those are the very best kind anyway, don't you think?

2.18 my favorite dishes
I love dishes! So much so that I had a hard time picking my favorite. I love dishes and silver and I decided to show my most used and definitely my favorite cups to drink out of every day: Tervis Tumblers! They are FABULOUS! Insulated cups, in about any size you could imagine, great for hot or cold drinks, all kinds of lids (even sippy cup lids!). I heart my Tervis Tumblers.

2/18 My favorite dishes
SASHIMI-Fresh raw seafood.

2.18 My favorite dishes.

2.18  My Favorite Dish
Homemade dumplings... yummmmmy!

2/18 "My Favorite Dishes"
My favorite dishes start with homemade tortillas and turn into Enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas... Mm!

2.18 ”My favorite dishes”
As I am currently camera-less, you are stuck with a picture of my LEAST favourite dishes: fish curry. This is no ordinary fish curry mind you, the fish used here is about half the size of your thumb and you eat it whole. Yup, that means bones, brains, guts, etc. Blech! To my credit I tried it, and while it was not all together terrible tasting, the thought of eating a dinner that was staring back at me was just too exotic for my tastes. (Since this photo isn't so great let me help you out - all of those "noodle" looking things are fish and the black "dots" are eyeballs. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!) What is my real favourite dish? Cafe Rio pork barbacoa salad - so good and devastatingly half a world away. *sigh*

2.18 "My Favourite dish"
This mug is the most awesome thing. It can hold almost half a litre of tea and is my lifesaver during long study sessions.


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  2. Mouth-watering treats! I love sashimi (esp. salmon!).

    @Katie - While I love pretty much all kinds of curry, I have to say that fish curry is my least favorite.

    @Cornelia - I LOVE big mugs!

    Pretty dishes, glasses and tumblers! If I have more space, I'd start collecting more. I love Denby!

  3. Rebeckah: I just want to lose myself in those cookies. They look SO good!

  4. Buckeroomama - I once had dumplings like those and have been craving them ever since...they are soooo good! Do you by any chance know where I can find a recipe for them? One of my best friends is chinese and his mother sent two big frozen packets of dumplings to him a while ago :-)

  5. @Cornelia - Here you go, the recipe:

    Have fun!

  6. Thank you so much! I can't wait to make them!

  7. Katie, eww! I'm impressed that you tried it.

    Those dumplings look delicious.

    I'm really loving all the dishes too. Tezzie, Lola, I love that you didn't find them in a store. That adds to the charm. :)

    Sarah, are Tervis Tumblers a southern thing? I've never heard of them.

  8. Lovely dishes you all took a picture of.

  9. Katie -- I forgot every other comment I was going to leave when i read about your least favorite dish -- ewwwwwwwww!

    Nisa -- I don't know if they are a "southern thang" or not :) They are fabulous and so fun since they've got about every design imaginable. I can seriously fill up the large one with a drink and ice and if I keep a lid on it, my ice will still be there 5 hours later. Here is the website and if you google them, you can find several online sources:
    I sound like such a dork going on about these glasses, but they really are awesome ::)

    Rebeckah -- what kind of cookies are they? They look yummy!

    Thanks for posting your recipe Buckeroomama!


  10. Buckeroomama- Dumplings is my favorite dishes too.
    I wanna try that recipe!!

    I love all the pretty dishes, glasses and tumblers and yummy dishes

    Oh, fish curry is...shocking.

  11. Oh Lola - I love, love, love those dishes. Now I need to go flea market shopping for some cool stuff instead of Ikea this summer!

  12. Ha ha, sorry to gross you out guys! Just think though, next time your kids complain about dinner you can threaten them with my Indonesian fish curry. That will make boring old broccoli taste great! ;)

  13. Ahhhhh! I am loving this! This post made my day because, well, I have a dish obsession AND a food obsession! (hence the reason I selected this topic in the first place - I REALLY wanted to see your dishes!)

    Oh, so many things to love.

    Buckeroomama - I am making those dunmplings TONIGHT!

    Rikako - I am craving sushi and sashimi SO BAD! Did you eat it when you were pregnant? I'm thinking of defying American standards and eating sushi while pregnant against the advice of American doctors...what do you think?

    Cornelia - not only is that mug a great size, but I love the painted design on it as well!

    Sarah - my hubs would ADORE those tumblers! (I'm thinking it's definitely a "southern thang") You chicas know how to keep your men happy down there ;)

    Suki and Rebeckah - Ohhhh the cookies!

    Nis - the thought of those fresh tortillas made my mouth water!

    Tezzie - I LOVE your dishes!

    Katie - the fish curry was hilarious! I l.o.v.e. curry, but even I would pass on that one!
    I guess we live lives blessed enough that we can be choosy, as I'm sure I would gratefully devour it if it was the only thing that stood between me and extreme hunger.

  14. Lola! Your five little plates are SO pretty. Great color. And such pretty details. I love them!

    I love your sweet Suki. Yum to the tum : ).

    Tezzie's collection is so fantastically pretty! I just adore flea markets. I can't wait until they start up again in the Spring!

    Speaking of Spring, could it please hurry up? I am sick of looking at muddy snow!

    Thank you for making this day so wonderful everyone!

    Off to find a Tervis Tumbler inspired by our Georgia peach, Sweet Sarah : )

  15. Lola-Yes, the pregnant shouldn't eat raw fish and all kinds of raw dishes too.
    But it isn't that strict here. Our standard is "Don't eat too mcuh". so When I was pregnant, I ate sometimes.
    I don't recommend you to eat in America.

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