Friday, February 26, 2010

2.26.10 "TODAY"

2.26 today

2.26 "Today"
The rain is coming!

2.26  Today
Went out and saw that they're still selling these Chinese New Year decorations (the God of Fortune and the Lucky Cat).

I took the dogs out to play today, and they lounged in dead, dewy, pre-spring grasses. Then I made this poster of Bubs! {Isn't he yummy?}

2.26.10 Today
Today we are experiencing our fifth blizzard of the winter season. No school! Kids are excited!

2/26 Today
I want to go jumping into the wild hot spring in Kagoshima.

2.26 "Today"
We dream of summer...

2.26 Today
I called 9-1-1 because my 16 month old had something lodged in his throat and was choking. I couldn't get it to come out -- fortunately it did while I was on the phone with them, so they were never dispatched. We now have to hide our kitchen trash can. He had gotten something out of the trash!


  1. Emily - soooo sweet the way she's peeking over the edge!

    Cornelia - is that a good thing? Here, we're waiting for spring so rain would be a very welcome change from snow...

    Buckeroomama - love the colours, and super fun to see such different traditions from my own...although I don't think I'd personally choose these ornaments to decorate my house ;D

    Lola - I love love love love your dog poster! That seriously put a huge smile on my face. So cute!

    Rebeckah - Look at the joy on those faces!! They sure are having fun...but, aren't they COLD with no mittens or gloves on in the snow??

    Rikako - Ooooo...that is stunningly beautiful. A very peaceful place to take a bath!

    Sarah - I'm so glad it ended up being ok...

  2. I LOVE this blog... sarah..sooo glad all is well. how scary

  3. Thanks, Francesca! (And thanks Lola, for including me in your great idea!)

    Cornelia: I hope you stay dry! That looks like a BIG cloud!

    Buckeroomama: I love that Lucky Cat and, really, the whole sparkly display!

    Lola: That's one happy dog. What a life!

    Rebeckah: This picture has me longing for snow!

    Rikako: I want to jump in too! Wow!

    Tezzie: When does it start warming up in Finland?

    Sarah: I'm so, SO glad he's okay. How scary!

  4. Just caught up with the last three days of this blog with a difference, great fun and great shots. I think from the batch I have just viewed Emily's blood orange has to be my favourite.

  5. Sarah: That must have horrifying. I'm SO glad he's okay.

    Tezzie: What an awesome landscape --under a blanket of snow. :)

    Rebeckah: Every time J sees pictures of kids having fun in the snow, he always tells me in a really wistful tone, "I wish we have snow here."

    Lola: Ah, I love this series of your dog. :)

    Cornelia: Sometimes when it gets like that, I wish that it would just pour. I prefer rain to "anticipating" rain. :)

    Emily: LOL! I hope she wasn't trying to drink from it. Or was she checking to see if there were coins in there? :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

  6. Emily - We've been known to have snow still in April...May is usually when it starts to warm up, but the leaves on the trees don't start to show until around the first or second week in June. Real summer warmth, if we're lucky, occurs in July and the first 2 weeks of August. Then summer is over :P

    Buckeroomama - One doesn't always fully appreciate the beauty of where one lives...I'm no exception! I suppose it is a beautiful an open, stark kinda way ;D It's much nicer in the summer, though!

    Hope everyone has a super weekend...see you Monday!

  7. Oh my gosh. The fountain is just too perfect. LOVE it! Here is a little quote for us to remember this weekend girls:
    ‘I am a little pencil in the hand
    of a writing God
    who is sending
    a love letter to the world.’
    ~Mother Teresa

    Be blessed!
    PS I am in love with Buhbuh!
    And Sarah.
    And Buckaroomama.
    And everyone.
    I just love all of the girls that participate in this FUN project.
    Thank you for sharing your days and your lives!

  8. Oh Sarah!

    That is terrifying! I don't there is anything scarier than that.

    I recently read the blog of a mother whose darling little 2 year old daughter choked to death on a peice of apple because they could. not. get. it. out.

    I sobbed hysterically as I read her account of what happened, and had nightmares for a solid two weeks after that. I am so, so, so relieved to hear that your story has a happy ending. I don't think there's anything for frightening for a mother, honestly! You deserve a good bath, a basket of chocolate, and lots of hugs from your babies after that one!

  9. OK, I'm out of town (Las Vegas! Hi Kate!!) so just leaving a quick comment :) LOVE all the pictures, ladies! This is such an amazing place. I have always been fascinated with traditions and cultures and it is just so neat to see what other women are doing all over the world. Thank you so much for this experience!! ANd thank you all for the kind words regarding my 911 call :) Lola, I know!! I'm usually good with emergency situations and blood does not bother me one bit, but to see my baby not be able to breathe for what felt like an eternity was terrifying.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend :) Stay warm Becky!!

  10. Lovely pics as usual everyone.

    Sarah, I am so glad that the end result was a positive one. OMG, my stomach felt queasy when I read your post, I totally understand the fear. Glad all is well.

  11. Emily, Lovely shot!
    CORNELIA, Did it rain?
    REBECKAH, TEZZIE, I have never played with snow. I want to!

    We have these ornaments (the God of Fortune and the Lucky Cat) also in Japan!

    LOLA, Love your dog!

    Sarah, Glad to hear he's OK. How scary!