Thursday, February 25, 2010

2.25.10 "TODAY"

2.25  Today
The tikesters and I are having an indoor picnic... with a panda, a fish, an owl, and Elmo!

2.25 "Today"
Shopping in Oslo!

Kort got new shoes! (and he was just a little excited about it.)

2.25 “Today”
Went to a beautiful Hindu temple surrounded by lily pads. (Bali, Indonesia)

2.25 Today
I did laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Now, if only it would fold itself...

2/25 Today
We decorate the dolls for Hinamatsuri- the girl's festival coming on March 3rd.

2.25.10 Today my sister's baby is 1 week old.
Today my sister's baby girl is 1 week old. Welcome to the world Baby Brooke!

2.25 today
Today, blood oranges are in season.

2.25 Today
I bought some cereal (it was on sale), but the only place it would fit was my coat closet!

2.25 "Today"
The inside of my car.


  1. Lola - I love sun flares, but I don't know how to capture them, except by accident!

    Sarah - I've been admiring that picture on your blog ever since I saw it. It's so sharp!

    Tezzie - I'm loving the color pops! :)

    Rikako - Girls' Festival? Tell us more. I love the dolls. :)

    Rebeckah - That bow on Brooke is just as lovely as she is. Precious.

    Kate - LOL!!! How long would it take for you to go through those?

    Emily - Hmm, I don't think I've ever had blood oranges before. I love the colors, though (and the cute little hands holding the oranges). :)

    Cornelia - I love the cheery yellow color!

    Katie - That looks so peaceful.

  2. Buckeroomama: Your picnic looks so colorful and fun. I love that quilt!

    Tezzie: Nice place to shop, lucky! Oslo is pretty!

    Lola: It looks like he could get up to all sorts of mischief in sneakers like those! How did you caputre that sun flare? It's amazing!

    Katie: Wow! The color of the temple, the reflection in the water, the lily pads with their pink flowers...what a stunning shot!

    Sarah: I really *ought* to be doing laundry today. Your washing maching looks nicer than mine though. Can I use that as an excuse?

    Rikako: Those dolls are great! What's the Hinamatsuri festival? Because, if it includes dolls like that, I think I like it!

    Rebeckah: She is absolutely perfect. Congratulations to you and your family!

    Katie: Good sale! That's a lot of cereal!

    Cornelia: Forgive me for stating the obvious, but your dashboard is yellow! I love it!

  3. Oh my gosh! Your daughter is SO sweet Rikako! I ADORE her little face : ).

    That picnic picture is one of my favorite pictures I have seen all year. Just amazing.

    I think all the pictures are so nice! I am not smart enough to remember all the things I loved this morning!

    The temple was GORGEOUS! And those new sneakers on your baby are SO exciting Lola!

    Have a happy day friends.

    Love from SNOWY Pennsylvania : )

  4. Emily, yum! I so miss blood oranges!

    Oh my goodness, ladies. These pictures are amazing!!

    Tezzie, how did you get multiple colors in a black and white shot? My camera will add one color back in I think, but I've never seen multiple. Very cool!

    Katie, oh my gosh! That is gorgeous!

    Rikako, tell us more about Hinamatsuri. I know nothing!

    Buckeroomama, indoor picnics are so fun! What a colorful, happy picture!

    Kate, I love that! Store where you can, right?

    Rebeckah, your niece is so beautiful!

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you think my sun flare is cool! To be honest, my camera was set to "intelligent auto" so it sort of just did all the work for me! (sorry, wish I had a more technical answer other than I was just lazy and cheated ;)

    Rikako - your daughter is BEYOND darling!! I want to go to a doll festival!

    Cornelia - I WANT that car!

    Kate - Mmmmmm....cereal. (and way to go stocking up on food storage! Now we know YOUR kids aren't going to be hungry in an emergency.)

    that temple? - beautiful!
    oranges - mmmmm
    new babies - mmmmm
    indoor picinic - divine
    shopping - yes please!
    in Oslo? - double yes please!
    laundry - pass. (but yay you for being a good mom, Sarah!!!)

  6. More little hands that I love :)

  7. Buckeroomama - Any picnic including Elmo HAS to be a good one ;D

    Lola - Awesome sunflare, and awesome Boy would love those!

    Katie - Tranquil...beautiful...I don't think I've ever seen so many lilypads at the same time!

    Sara - What?!! It doesn't fold itself?...hmmm...that DOES explain the mountain forming in the other room ;D

    Rikako - What a doll ;D

    Rebeckah - Adorable!! I love how her hand is doing the "no pics, please" at the paparazzi ;D

    Emily - Yum!...and beautiful!

    Kate - Was there any cereal left at the store? ;D Way to stock up!!

    Cornelia - that has to be the coolest, funkiest car I've ever seen!

    Nisa - to answer your question about multiple colours in a black and white...While in Photoshop Elements, I do a black and white conversion action in layers...and then while the layer is still open I simply erase over the areas where I want the colour to shine through. Then flatten the image, and voilĂ , all done! :D

  8. love, love, love. I love taking my little trip around the globe every day!

    Kate, I have to ask. What in the world with all that cereal?? Do you do the Grocery Game? :)

  9. Rikako: My daughter and I just had the best time reading about the Hinamatsuri festival and now she's REALLY excited about moving to Japan this summer. (Did I tell you we're moving to Japan?) She's been really unsure about the move up until now, so thank you SO much for giving me something exciting like this to share with her.

  10. Sorry for my late response.
    I really want to comment daily to each of the photos, but I don't have enough time...

    Well, here's brief description about the Hinamatsuri.
    We pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls by looking at the dolls. The top tier is the emperor and the empress wearing costumes of the imperial court during the Heian Period(794-1192). We put it away as soon as the Hinamatsuri is over. This is because of an old superstition that families that are slow putting back the dolls have trouble marrying off the daughter.

    Emily-You already found out what the Hinamatsuri is!
    Wow, moving to Japan!? Really??
    Yes, your daughter will LOVE the Hinamasuri, and there are more fun things for her and you out here.
    I hope the life in Japan is enjoyable for your family.
    It is my pleasure to share my Japnese life with you!
    If you have any question, ask me!