Monday, February 18, 2013

Tuesday Around the World

Wanda (Montreal) ~ had a little photoshoot with her girls :D

Lola (Utah) ~ "I love video monitors!  And I love these cute brothers even more."

Sonya (The Netherlands) ~ "I wonder what they really think about everything?"

Singwa (Hong Kong) ~ "Today, we went to the farm and got some fresh beets."

Becky (Philadelphia)  photo kittenandkaish_zpseb13e5a9.jpg

Maddy (New Jersey/NYC)

Salma (Canada) 

May (Germany)

Jade (Thailand) ~ "Giving myself a mani-pedi"

Caroline (England) ~ "Today... I had a little play with my new reversing ring and went looking for signs of Spring..."

Why not join us today? ~ Link up and show us a little glimpse of life with you :D


  1. This is such an inspiring meme. Thanks for organizing it,

  2. I know I sound like a broken record, but I do really enjoy seeing your photos from around the world...the one from Germany so makes me want to visit!!

  3. So gorgeous! The first and last photos are my favorites!