Wednesday, December 26, 2018


This will be the last WATW-post here on Communal Global blog

You can NOW find us on Facebook and Instagram

We also have a public FB group, for all those of you who have been our regular Linky friends - and anyone else who want to join. You'll be able to directly share your own pictures in this group, so it could be a lot of fun... 

We are also planning to still post an InLinkz on our FB page, so if you don't want to join the public group, you can still link up that way too or link via some of our contributors blogs

Linky Friends
Public group · 6 members
Join Group

But now - step in...


Our "baby" basil, propagated from a "mother" basil that we have

Photographers taking pics of the wall art around town


Finding Painted Stones ...



Christmas star

Don't forget the carrots!


December tones

Cute little squirrel


  1. What a tragedy.. You are moving to Facebook at a time when people are turning away from them in theor droves because of their unethical possibly eve illegal behaviour. Why would you reward them for their awful behaviour by building communities there for them to harvest your data. Facebook is not a safe space for anyone marginalized in this world either, LGBTQ+ folks find themselves under abuse on Facebook and their real name policy puts anyone who is using an alternative name at risk of people outed. They have recently started censoring words as well as images and so now you can't even write anything that might be about sex and relationships as they will delete it. So if you are a sex educator offering help and education to people Facebook won't let you, but if you want to promote guns and nazi's then that is just fine and dandy.

    I will miss this meme a great deal. I have enjoyed taking part but sadly I won't be following you to those platforms where censorship, data harvesting and election rigging are the name of the game


    1. Hi Molly. I'm sorry you don't agree with our decision, however if you still want to hook up to the meme and don't want to touch fb, you can do so each week through Susanna or Tamara's personal blogs (links in their bios at the top of the page). Hopefully you can continue to enjoy it that way 😊.

  2. Thank you for all these beautiful Wednesdays,when I could share my pics and see what's going on around the world. xoxo from Poland.


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