Sunday, August 8, 2010

8.9.2010 TODAY

We are excited to introduce everyone to Maddy! She is our newest contributor from New Jersey/New York City! (Lives in Jersey, works in NYC) We all are looking forward to getting to know her better through pictures! You can go here to learn more about her, or simply click on her name in our header.

Also, we want to remind everyone to remember to get your posts ready for tomorrow's "Tuesdays around the world" linky party! We can't wait to see your todays! But for now...

Welcome to Communal Global, Maddy!

Saw this in the grass... glad I didn't step on it!

My Courgettes are doing very nicely (and taste good too)!

Historic Speedwell
Can you believe I've driven by this historical park a 1000 times and never once stopped to see what's inside?! That's the great thing about photography...everything peeks your curiosity! Now I know that the first telegraph was publicly demonstrated here and that this is an awesome location for an impromptu photo shoot ;o)

'NO, I am NOT tired. I do not need a nap. Seriously.'

Today, I am really excited! Baby Bob's nursery is being featured on a design blog. (It's supposed to post today, anyway, so check in here if you want to see it...and hopefully it will be up when you go! (We are in very different time zones, so I don't know when August 9th starts over there! ;) Happy Monday everyone!


8.9 Today
Pencils sharpened, ready for the first day of school!

I'm back from a week long camping trip in Germany! It was pure paradise!

The kids are LOVING having Mommo (grandma) here once again!


  1. Welcome, Maddy! Wow, your photo looks like a vintage picture postcard. :)

    Caroline, your courgette looks super yummy!

    Becky - You made me laugh out loud with your caption!!

    Congrats on your nursery being featured on a design blog, Lola! Your 'creations' do belong in a glossy magazine... I've always said that. :)

    Tezzie - Grandmas are great, aren't they? :)

    Loving all the Today pics!

  2. Welcome, Maddy!! I can't wait to see all of your 'Todays' :D

    B'mama - Ewww..creepy crawly! Oddly, though, they don't bother me so much out in's only once they come inside that I get really grossed out. Of course, I wouldn't want to step on one, in any case...he's kinda pretty in a shiny/colourful way, though, isn't he?

    Caroline - Yummy zucchini!! Love the colours in your photo :D

    Maddy - what a beautiful's often like that, isn't it?!...there are lots of places around where I live that I've been meaning to stop and take a look at, but one rarely takes the time for stuff like that (except for when I go away on vacation)

    Becky - ha! I recognize THAT expression ;D I love the boy with the sandwich in the background...kinda half shocked at the grumpiness and wondering what will be done about it! Adorable capture!

    Lola - Yay!!! You're being featured!! And, rightfully, so, I might add...that room is INCREDIBLE, especially since you've done it 'on a shoestring'. They must've seen your 'fake' interview ;D

    Rocio - Wow...I don't even know what I'm looking at...but I can't say I've ever seen THAT before, whatever it's doing...

    Sarah - Missed one! ;D Awesome shot...good luck with the school start :D

    Sonya - What an awesome camping site...I love camping out. I'm glad it was wonderful <3

    Have a great start to your week, everyone!

  3. Buckeroomama When I visited Guanajuato Mexico I ate some of those! jejeje they were pretty crunchy!

    Caroline, Oh wow yummy! ♥ d colors!

    Welcom Maddy! Lovely shot you got there. I would love to do a photo shoot there =)

    Becky you made me giggle =D so cute!

    Lola Congratulations you did an amazing job!

    Sarah oh I can't wait my kiddos are super ready to go back to school. I love that pencil shot!

    Sonya oh wow I bet you had a blast! it looks like a perfect place to go camping!

    Tezzie Grandmas are the BEST...♥
    OBTW congratulation on your first place on the paper mama photo challenge! Your photo was Adorable!

    Have a Fabulous Monday!

  4. Welcome Maddy! wonderful photo:)

    Buckeroomama~ That is one seriously cool beetle!

    Caroline~ LOVE this vibrant photo! Do u eat the blossoms aswell? I know of recipes where you stuff them and fry them up..never had one but always wanted to try it!

    Becky..Im so loving that I can remember when my boys would do that.

    Lola..that is SO COOL! I just love that color!

    Rocio..Wow thats a cool shot! make pencils look so amazing!

    Tezzie..wonderful shot : )

    Have a wonderful monday ladies! We did have a great time in germany..havent camped in years!

  5. Hello Ladies!!! Thank you so much for having me! You guys are a fab group of ladies with amazing photos! I hope I don't disappoint :)

    Buckeroomama - Wow!! He looks like a big guy! I would've loved to get up close and personal :)

    Caroline - I wish I knew the first thing about gardening! Unfortunately, I have more of black thumb than a green one :o/

    Becky - Of course, I laughed out loud with your caption!! Hahaha!! You're hysterical :) BTW - Look at the little boy in the background enjoying his sandwich and watching the scene! Priceless!

    Lola - How exciting!! I can't believe you are only days away from having your little guy! Love what you did with the room! My favorite part is the dog silhouette!! Can't believe that was a DIY project!

    Rocio - That's amazing!!! Love the colors and all the details!! Awesome!!

    Sarah - Love the DOF on this one! Glad you're getting ready for the back to school hustle :)

    Sonya - I was just talking to my husband about how I want to go camping this fall :) I would go all the time as a kid, but haven't ventured out for about 10 years now!

    Tezzie - I would love having Mommo around too! What a great moment you captured between grandmother & grandson :)

  6. Love the very diverse today's girly wirlies!!! So many colors and stories. Fantastical.

    I especially love Grandma! So glad your kids are enjoying theirs Tezzie.

    Super exxcited to have you on board Maddylicious. Welcome.

  7. Welcome Maddy, great shot.

    Ladies your pics are great as always.

  8. HI, All these photos are so good, it's really a pleasure to look at them
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  9. HI, All these photos are so good, it's really a pleasure to look at them
    I'm your new follower