Hello, I'm Catherinea Filipino-American photographer based in Paris, France (I recently moved across the Atlantic from Washington, DC with my husband and two sons).

I've always been drawn to the poetry in details and their magnificent way of telling a story without further context. I also love the interplay of light and shadows and the way sunlight can act as a paintbrush in almost any setting. That pull is inherent in why and how I photograph, what moves and inspires me - the quiet, the often overlooked simple details that surround our everyday.

Photography is something I've loved since my teens, ever since I took that first snapshot and watched the image come alive in the darkroom. I remember the Doisneau Kiss by the Hotel de Ville I hung in my college dorm that I loved so much for capturing such a wonderful moment (not realizing later it was staged - eek!). Early on I photographed purely for the pleasure of documenting what I loved around me and places I traveled. Until it became a passion, a need and compulsion... I read somewhere that pursuing our passion is like breathing - it is essential and life-sustaining. I believe that.

Thank you for allowing me to share my work with you :)

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  1. I am Dutch from origin, but live in the USA - so it's from that viewpoint that I say you're pretty well adjusted - you look French to me:)