Ciao! I’m Barbara and I live in the birthplace of pizza, pasta and ‘dolce vita’: Italy!

Some random things about me: I love being the mommy of Zoe Tiare (May 2011) and Alma Aiko (August 2013), my other half is Giulio and he’s the creative, forgetful, dreamy part of me, I’m coffee-addicted and chocoholic, my night table is dangerously full of books, I used to watch tons of movies (before the Peppa Pig’s era…), my camera follows me almost everywhere and my biggest passion is travel. Four years ago we quit our jobs and travelled for almost eight months: amazing!! Thai, Laos, Cambodia, Japan (the name Aiko comes from there), USA, Cuba, Easter Island (where  Tiare comes from), Argentina, Chile and South Africa… Now it’s time for a different kind of travel, more children-friendly, but we are more than ready!

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