Friday, February 21, 2014

Another week gone by!

SUSANNA - Finland 
Upcycled shirts to pillows
Fri - February 21, 2014 photo Fri-February212014_zps74cb5a07.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands

Fri Feb 21, 2014 photo eliza3_zps7dc2bf0e.jpg

JADE - Thailand

FEB 21 photo _1060044_zps73a9e673.jpg

CAROLINE - England
It's coming ~ there's some promises on my lawn! :D
Fri Feb 21st photo 12649071524_cd1195c555_b_zpse63d165f.jpg

SINGWA - Hong Kong
One of my many reading glasses (I keep losing them!).
Fri - Feb 21, 2014 photo Reading-glasses-1_zps1b536696.jpg

BECKY - Philadelphia, USA

 photo 8M8A7062_zpsa6fc7a0e.jpg

WANDA - Montreal, Canada 
Yes....still winter!
 photo Dahlia017texturewm_zps5360ca2c.jpg

Happy Week-end to all!

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