Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friday (and apparently Saturday and even Sunday in some parts of the world!)

...meaning.....we are late!
But....we're here!

SINGWA - Hong Kong
Banana fritters (Kuching street food)
Fri - Feb 7, 2014 photo Street-food-1_zpsc2ad6dea.jpg


SUSANNA - Finland
Bayley's Tiramisu
Fri - February 07, 2014 photo Fri-February072014_zps39862343.jpg

BECKY - Philadelphia

 photo 8M8A8780_zps19eef418.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands

Fri Feb 7,2014 photo daisy9_zpsebf91d44.jpg

CAROLINE - England
Can't believe my eldest girl is 13 on Monday ~ she's all I could ever wish for in a daughter - and more!! Love her to bits! :D
Fri Feb 7th 2014 photo 12285744453_5fe8b67802_o_zps2f9abf82.jpg

MAY - India

7th Feb Friday, 2014 photo DSC_8865_zps2f332c9b.jpg

JADE - Thailand 

FEB 7 photo _1050989_zpsfcd1b024.jpg

WANDA - Montreal, Canada

Fri Feb 7, 2014 photo _DSC7435blog_zps7bd1aa72.jpg

Happy week-end to all!


  1. Wow - I really liked that May's shot! So cool! Nice shots all! <3

  2. When I first looked at this post it was 9am on Sunday and I was travelling back from holidays. Love the photos, beautiful places, moments in time and tasty looking food.