Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Friday of September

BECKY - Philadelphia

 photo DSC_0903_zps8b9d6874.jpg

CAROLINE - England
Caught ~ in Summer's last Horah!

The Elder is in fruit ~ Autumn is here!
Fri Sept 27th photo 9942479263_3ab174bb1a_b_zps5dd6ab98.jpg

JADE - Thailand

SEPT 27 photo _1050527_zps869bf9f2.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands
A foggy morning view of my backyard..The hens say, "Hello!"

Fri Sept 27, 2013 photo droplets_zps0faf7e00.jpg

SUSANNA - Finland
I rescued these summer's last flowers from our garden and took them in. Nights and mornigs are so cold now - fall is really here!

 From old t-shirts to carpet rag - when I get enough material I will crochet something
Fri - September 27, 2013 photo Fri-September272013_zps8934a7d3.jpg

WANDA - Montreal
An almost daily occurrence chez nous - Notes from my girls!
Fri Sept 27, 2013 photo _DSC9491fb_zps69567d61.jpg

Wishing everyone a wonderful week-end!

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