Friday, September 20, 2013

Almost pumpkin time.....Friday

Very late to be posting - just made it before midnight!!

But, we're here!

SINGWA ~ Hong Kong
Fri - Sep 20, 2013 photo North-Point-man-1_zps98c0351c.jpg

SUSANNA ~ Finland
Me and my red wellies.
Fri - September 20, 2013 photo Fri-September202013_zps2484c2b1.jpg

CAROLINE ~ England
Time for a little Uno!
Fri Sept 20th photo 9663290955_1d3029d42f_o_zpse8a3d92b.jpg

SONYA ~ The Netherlands
Banana Yeast Loaves
Fri Sept 20,2013 photo bananayeastbread2_zpse32fcc8e.jpg

                                                                                      BECKY - Philadelphia
  photo mysel9_zps2eadfe47.jpg

JADE ~ Thailand
 Introducing Cy Grayson Keller, born on Sept 10
SEPT 16: Introducing Cy Grayson Keller, born on Sept 10 photo atbirth_zps72792ea8.jpg
Repeating this image because he is sooooooo cute. (In case you missed it earlier this week!)

WANDA ~ Montreal 
The flowers are fading - fall is in the air but....not so fast.
Fri Sept 20, 2013 photo _DSC9085wmfb_zpse41e58ad.jpg

Happy week-end!

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