Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Around The World

Jade (Thailand) ~ "We found a place that serves cold brewed coffee! We might have been so excited we spilled our milk..."

Sonya (The Netherlands) ~ Spring? Where are you?
 ...but today I remembered that Keukenhof, one of my favorites places to visit will be opening again soon!"

Caroline (England) ~ The weather is improving slowly...
...and the cousins came to stay ~ so we had some fun!

Singwa (Hong Kong) ~
(Mon) Feb 25, 2013 (Spring) photo Shoots-1_zps53a9878a.jpg
 "Makes you want to smile right back!"
(Tue) Feb 26, 2013 photo Smiling-Zoe-1_zps17d44a08.jpg

Maddy (New Jersy/NYC) ~ "While in Florida, we watched the Miami ING Marathon.  
My husband's aunt was running it on her birthday."

May (Germany) ~ Spring may be on it's way...
 ...but it's still COLD!

Becky (Philedelphia)

Now it's YOUR turn :D

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  1. Spring is being elusive here in Nebraska. Stay warm ladies! xo

  2. Beautiful collection of photos, thank you for the party :)

  3. I <3 todays' post!!! :D
    Have a great week ladies!!!

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  5. Lovely pictures! The one of the tulips makes me happy...so full of color.

  6. Just seeing the green in some of these pictures makes me think spring is coming, at least somewhere in this world! What unusually beautiful photos!

  7. Lovely photography ~ love the duck one especially ~ visiting from Tones for Tuesday ^_^

  8. I love the collection that you've put together today. Great stuff.
    Thanks for a cool post and meme.

  9. Lovely images of the spring ... the bright, bright green leaves made my day :)

  10. Another wonderful collection of beauty from around the world...really loving those tulips and all those ducks! :)

  11. The plumeria blooms in the fountain are so beautiful. They are so pretty they almost look like they just shouldn't be possible in nature. Nice shot!

    Actually, I love all the photos. We're in the in-between stage here too. Ice and spring blooms, with the trees starting to show leaf buds.

    Thanks for hosting!

  12. Thanks so much for the linky. Off to visit a few new places.