Saturday, February 11, 2012

The moment we break faith with one another, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out. ~James Baldwin

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2.9.12, The commuters afternoon rush 2.13.12, I was given this beautiful orchid. Any tips of how to keep it alive an healthy?

Maddy, New Jersey/NYC


Lola, Utah

  2012.02.09, There is something just too cute about little kids bundled so tight that they can barely move. Evie wasn't as pleased.2012.02.10, Snow angels! Happy Friday!!

 Katie, Canada

  2.9, Fairy lights2.10, Look, a leaf grew out of my hand!

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong


Becky, Philadelphia
Unknown Mami

 2.8, I bought ten different kinds of tart cake. 2.10, Snowing! Because snow does not fall very much in my town, I am excited.

 Rikako, Japan

Rocio, Mexico   

1.6.11, My little snow man!11.9 Today, Getting ready to pack up and ship back the fisheye lens I rented for a week to play with.  This shot is from this past weekend -- we sent my dad on a bi-plane ride for his 60th birthday!

Sarah, Atlanta

09.02.12, This picture was taken during my walks when the winter was very mild. You can see the village school, the church steeple and the watch tower(Bayersturm). 06.01.12, Hello from India!!

May, Germany

  1.25, Where would you go..?1.18, Every time I bake sponge cake I get reminded of my childhood.

Tinajo, Sweden

  Jan 10th, Melting MomentsJan 5th : Christmas Tree Cupcakes, I had fun making these ~ and they tasted divine!

Caroline, England
Ni Hao Yall

  Mon. Oct 31,2011, Halloween ballet show reward = CHOCOLATE. There's a wee piece on her lip as evidence and her cheeks are chipmunk full.Thurs. Oct 27, Family "smoothies" made by Dahlia.

Wanda, Canada


  1. Beautiful Photos: they show a life well lived!

  2. What a great blog. I really look forward to be a regular visitor!

  3. Beautiful work from around the world - love it.

  4. I want some of that pie stuff back up there in the middle - - -

  5. Love this concept....

    this is my first time visiting.

    I do plan on dropping in again.

    Happy Sunday.


  6. This is a mesmerizing collection! Wonderful to be here, Lola! Thank you for the treat!