Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Clean Slate

Salma, Canada


Wanda, Canada

Tues. Dec. 13m 2011, My two elves....popping up to say....hello....

Tinajo, Sweden

12.20, My hubby works with hydro power so I got the chance to see this very old hydro power station. Abandoned but beautiful!

Sonya, the Netherlands

12.12, We went to a christmas market that was being held right below a castle 

Rocio, Mexico

15.12.11, My new t-light holder..Feels as though there's someone with a crackling fire inside that german home.

Rocio, Mexico


Rikako, Japan

1230, Ayaka played the pig of three piglets.

Maddy, NJ/NYC

9.13.11, As much I love playing Scrabble on my iTouch, there's nothing better than the original board game.

Lola, Utah


Katie, Canada


Emily, Canada


Carolyn, England

  Fri Dec 9th, Autumn skies are so stunning! 

 Buckeroomama, Hong Kong

12.20, This little girl brings us much joy! 

 Becky, Philadelphia


Sarah, Atlanta

10.28, My beautiful mom and sister.  We went out to celebrate my mom turning 60!!

We wish you an abundance of Joy during 2012.

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