Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays to all of our friends and family!

7.28 Thursday 

Lola, Utah

12.20, This little girl brings us much joy! 

Singwa, Hong Kong


Becky, Philadelphia

Tues Nov 15th, I found it really hard to catch good pictures of the fireworks ~ this was my sharpest one! 

Caroline, England


Katie, Israel

9.21.11, The kids watching the middle school football game. 

Maddy, New Jersey

03.10.11, A circus came to town and we came to know about it the day they were packing and leaving. 

May, Germany

10.19, New shopping mall. H&M finally opened here in Fukuoka. 

Rikako, Japan


Roccio, Mexico


Salma, Canada  

9.13.11, Kathryn and her friend getting to ride around the neighborhood by themselves for the first time.

Sarah, Georgia

7.11, A view from my car window 

Sonya, Germany

12.20, My hubby works with hydro power so I got the chance to see this very old hydro power station. Abandoned but beautiful! 

Tina Jo, Sweden

Thurs. Dec. 15, 2011, Love all the magic of of the season. 

Wanda, Canada


  1. WOW- what extraordinary photos this week!

  2. Happy holidays to all! Love all the photos this week!

  3. Happy holidays around the world:)
    wishes: Henrietta from Finland

  4. Merry Christmas ladies! My your holiday season be merry and bright! xo

  5. love visiting here... i know i've said that before, but the whole concept is fabulous... kinda like those books, a day in the life of america...
    happy new year to ya'll!