Monday, April 11, 2011

Tuesdays around the world.

Photobucket is holding our pictures hostage today!!
They said that if we get
100 link-ups today,  
we can have them back.
So we need YOUR help!
Link up.
Tell your friends about communal global
and invite them to join us today!
Don't do it for us.
Do it for the pictures.

We don't want to live in a world where innocent, 
unassuming little photos can be withheld from us at the will of an evil, 
photo-uploading conglomerate do we?
Nay we say, NAY!

So link up.
Help some sisters out.
The communal global girls


  1. Seriously - totally can't upload our photos yet.

    For realsies.


    But don't you think that 100 link ups would be the next best thing to a petition with a hundred signatures? ;)

    I know, right?

  2. I'd do my post and link up, but for the fact I simply cannot remember what picture I had up for posting today ~ and I like my ends tidy!!

  3. I can't get my link up. Just gets error.

    My picture is here:

  4. Oh no... innocent hostages!! We must get them back! :)

  5. I posted my photo for AWT on my blog in case anyone is interested. ;) I sure do wish Photobucket would hurry up and release our photos. The whole world is waiting for them! :)

  6. why is photobucket holding your photos hostage? i made a plea for your 100 link ups on my blog today :)

  7. Thanks for hosting this lovely link up party. Why has photobucket taken your photos hostage? I use them too.

  8. Take that, Photobucket! :) Got my photo linked up but I'll come back later peruse your beautiful site!

  9. My first time to link up, and I make #54 - - - so you have a ways to go to get that 100 you want!

  10. I just tried to upload our photos again, and this is the message I received after logging into our account.

    I guess we are some of the lucky "small percentage" involved!

    "Sorry for the inconvenience. We're in the middle of resolving an issue that affects a small percentage of our users. Rest assured your photos are safe, and we're working hard to get it fixed ASAP.

    The estimated time to get this completed is approximately the end of today (04/12/11), 11 pm EDT. We apologize sincerely for the error, and we understand the problems this creates.

    Thanks for your patience. We'll update with info on our Facebook ( and Twitter pages ( as we know more."

    The Photobucket Team