Monday, April 25, 2011

The Practice

The Dalai Lama shared the following simple practice that will increase loving and compassion in the world. 

Becky, Philadelphia
april 26
1. Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of each day remembering we all want the same things (to be happy and be loved) and we are all connected to one another.

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong
2. Spend 5 minutes -- breathing in - cherishing yourself; and, breathing out - cherishing others. If you think about people you have difficulty cherishing, extend your cherishing to them anyway.

May, Germany

Maddy, New Jersey/NYC
3. During the day extend that attitude to everyone you meet. Practice cherishing the simplest person (clerks, attendants, etc., as well as the "important" people in your life; cherish the people you love and the people you dislike).

Rikako, Japan
TODAY 4/26

Jen, Germany
April 27, Wednesday
4. Continue this practice no matter what happens or what anyone does to you.

Lola, Utah

The practice of cherishing can be taken very deep if done wordlessly; allowing yourself to feel the love and appreciation that already exists in your heart.

Happy Tuesday


  1. I love this post. I think doing all of these things will make life so much better. What a beautiful way to live!

  2. I agree with Becky....what a wonderful world we would experience everyday if we all practiced this! Beautiful shots!

  3. It's nice to have a reminder like this. Thanks.

  4. Such beautiful shots from everyone! and what a great reminder... happy Tuesday everyone!

    xo, Supermom Alysha

  5. Hi Everyone ~ lovely post :-)

    Hope you all have a great Easter.

    Sorry for not uploading over the weekend ~ we had family here and...I've uploaded pictures now (and done my post for ATW), just in case anyone wanted to add my picture into today's post.

  6. What an inspiring post -- both the words and the photos. Just lovely.

  7. What beautiful lessons...really enjoyed the post.
    This is such a nice post to start linking with you all. I love the variety of the images too, beautiful!

  8. Love it...yes we are all the same and want to same happiness the world has. Great post today! :)

  9. This is so wonderful - I just got the book The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and I can't wait to read it!!

  10. That is a great post...I need the book!

  11. "silent beauty" comes to mind when I see your photos. Blessings, Joanne

  12. Great collections of shots around the world this week!

    Tamar - linking up too!

  13. A day late however we are sending out loving vibes to all...