Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emily Update.

Emily sent us an email to let us know that she was okay and give us an update on her situation. 
 I thought I would share it here since so many of you have expressed concern.
Thank you for all of your words of encouragement and kindness. 
We sure love our communal global family!


{Emily's daughter Katherine. 
Barcelona, summer 2010} 

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and well wishes for my family. Your support really means so much. I've completely lost track of time, but over the past few weeks (days?) we've been dealing with aftershocks, rolling blackouts, gas shortages, grocery shortages, school closures, precautionary measures to stay indoors, and now evacuations. My family and friends are all fine, thank goodness, and all my thoughts and prayers are with the people suffering most in this disaster. I'll be posting from Beijing for the next few weeks and then--who knows. I hope we'll be back in Japan soon, but right now the future is uncertain.

In the meantime, thank you! And welcome to all the new contributors! I look forward to all the lovely, daily glimpses into your lives!



  1. Adorable photo! Glad all is as well as it can be under the circumstances!

  2. So glad is all well with your family Emily. We are praying hard for Japan.

  3. Thank goodness they are alright! How frightening what lies ahead for Japan...stay safe!

  4. So happy to know everyone in your circle is well and safe. Prayers still being said.

  5. So happy to hear from Emily!
    Glad to know her family and friends are safe.
    We are still in panic, but
    "Keep calm and carry on".