Sunday, March 6, 2011


We are looking for a few new members to join our communal global team, but we also have some lil' requirements... 

1)We are looking for contributors from countries that are NOT currently represented by CG. We would LOVE to see representation from women living in any countries in Africa or the Middle East, Russia, or South America etc! There is still SO MUCH of the world we are hoping to see!
2) The U.S. is ONE country and we already have several contributors, so we aren't currently looking for contributors from the U.S. at this time :( 
3) We are looking for women who love photography and are able to upload 5 pictures before the start of each week. 
4) You must be fun!!! {But that's an easy one, right?}

Email Lola at if you are interested in joining!

Today, I thought I would share one of my grandpa's favorite poems. He compiled a book of his favorite thoughts and verses and though he passed away several years ago, his goodness and right-thinking lives on through his memory, and the wonderful words he left behind.  

 I saw them tearing a building down,
a gang of men in a busy town

Rikako, Japan
with a "yo heave ho!" and a lusty yell,
they swung a beam and the side wall fell

Wanda, Canada
I asked the foreman if these men were as skilled,
as those he would hire if he were to build.

Becky, Philadelphia
He laughed and said "Oh no indeed!
Common labor is all I need.
For they can wreck in a day or two,
what builders have taken YEARS to do."

Lola, Utah
So I asked myself as I went my way,
"Which of these roles am I to play?"

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong
Am I the builder who works with care

Emily, Japan
measuring life by the rule and square?

Caroline, England
Or am I the wrecker who walks the town

Sarah, Georgia
3.7 Today
Content in the role of tearing down?

{Happy Monday,  builders.}


  1. If you're ever looking for a second Canadian....I'd be in!!! Good luck in your search! I can't wait to see some other parts of the world!

  2. Your grandfather wrote so beautifully. You compiled these pictures beautifully today Lola! Whatever happened to our friend Jennifer bowen from Germany? Is she going to join us? I heart her! : )

  3. Lovely, lovely poem, Lola! What a treasure trove your grandpa's notebook must be. :)

    Becky --Do you think you could convince Marie-Pierre to join us? That would be SO awesome!

  4. Becky - I never heard from Jennifer...was she supposed to email me?

    Also, sorry for the confusion, my grandpa had a book of his favorite poems compiled and then published.

    He didn't actually write this particular poem. He was an amazing writer, however, this poem was just one of his favorites, and a value he lived his life by. :)

    LOVE all the photos ladies!

  5. I'm a farmers wife from Oklahoma... That makes me pretty different from the rest of the US. Lol.

    i like this poem. :)

    Marla @

  6. Hey Lola, Can you add the name of the person who wrote this actual poem?

    I love your Grandpa's book of poems. How special.

    I think Jennifer Bowen was waiting to hear from you, but I am going to email her right this second and tell her to send you an email : )

  7. Love your Grandpa's favorite poem! Pictures are awesome ladies! I hope you find some new contributors from around the world....I'd love to see Africa maybe Greece....!

  8. Becky- It's listed as "author unknown" in the book :(

    Also, Jennifer emailed me - I will get info out to her and all of our new members later today!

    woot woot!

  9. What an insightful poem - I wrote a post the other day (March 3) that mentioned how I wanted to build others up, not tear them down. So effortless to tear down, but to build each other up requires forethought. What beautiful, exquisite photos, too, Lola, as always.

  10. I think us Floridians count as a seperate nationality and race. LOL! Good Luck. Tam

  11. Wonderful pictures! If ever you want to have someone from the Philippines, I will be so happy to be a part of the Communal Global family.

  12. Love this poem and such inspiring images.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous week! We're on March break here. Fun, fun!