Sunday, January 16, 2011

HOME TOUR: A Favorite Piece of Furniture

Katie, Indonesia
Since I am away from home my favourite piece of furniture is in my parents home, not my own; it is my great-grandmother's old radio. I imagine the music, news and stories it has told; the holidays and homes it has seen. It is a piece of history.

Caroline, England (UK)
In the end our sofa had to be my favourite piece of furniture. Not only is it LEATHER (so very tough) and did I get it FREE from the wonderful FREECYCLE network that exists in the UK, but it happens to be the place where life just HAPPENS in our house :D Although I have to admit ~ my bookcases were close contenders!!

Rikako, Japan

Maddy, New Jersey/ NYC
Our favorite piece of furniture would have to be our couch! Let's just say it gets a lot of use!

Lola, Utah
Does a mirror count? My mirrors are my most favorite pieces in my home. {And no, NOT because I love looking in them! ha ha!} I love them because they are pretty, silver, ornate, and best of all, I got them for a STEAL!


  1. Lovely theme ladies!!! The old radio is indeed amazing..:)

  2. All beautiful pieces! Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Awesome old radio Katie!!

    Rikako ~ is she reading that music? if so, WOW!

    Maddy ~ great shot.

    Lola ~ pretty :D

  4. Sorry for no description.
    This is the old piano I used to play. Ayka is just pretending to play.