Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Favorite Board Game

Sarah, Georgia
1.20 Favorite Board Game

Caroline, England (UK)
20/1 Game

Katie, Indonesia
I am a sucker for old boardgames and Monopoly is my FAVOURITE! My parents bought this collector's edition version when I was young with silver and gold pieces that I have have drooled over for years. P.S. Today is my official due date, I'll keep you posted....

Becky, Philadelphia, PA
We did a whole lot of Jenga playing over Christmas break at our house.
Rikako, Japan
1.20 favorite board game
Shogi(Japanese Chess), chess, Othello,etc. A lot of Board game can play with this one.


  1. Ah! I didn't get a chance to photograph/upload today, but I'm a Monopoly girl too!

    Love to you all.
    {and GREAT shots!}

  2. Do they have glasses?
    Do they have a smile?
    Do they have brown hair?
    Love that game Sarah : )

    Your kids are brilliant Rikako. Japanese Chess...Wow!

    Carcassone looks enthralling. Love the little hands on the pieces : )

    Monopoly is great. We haven't played it in a while because it always takes SO long!

    Very excited about your due date Kate! Will say a prayer for you!

    Love all the little players. Happy Thursday everyone! With love, Becky

  3. I love board games too. I just got Chocolateopoly. I can't wait to play!

  4. Totally forgot about this! :(

    Fun games!! We love Jenga here, too... and Ducks in a Row!

  5. Awesome games....we love Blokus! Good Luck Kate on your delivery!