Thursday, November 25, 2010


Caroline, England
I am grateful for my thir-teenage son and his increasingly brilliant photography skills :D He shoots with my camera (not a DSLR) & this is one of his ~ handheld and up close! I would be even more grateful is my wonderful photographer friends would befriend him on Flickr and encourage him a little :D

Sonya, The Netherlands
I'm grateful for the last bit of color from my hydrangea bush.

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong
I am grateful for the upcoming holiday season!

Lola, Utah
I am grateful for the first snow! Okay, I actually hate snow (stressful to drive really REALLY cold - haha!)but I am SUPER grateful that I have an enthusiastic 7 year old, and the cutest dog ever to HELP me be grateful for snow. I mean, how can you NOT love snow when it creates moments like this?

Becky, Philadelphia
11.26.10 I am thankful for babies!
I am thankful for babies!

Wanda, Canada
Nov 26, 2010
Love - Amour

Rikako, Japan
11.26 Gratitude Series
The Seven-Five-Three Festival is a Japanese annual function in celebration of 7 years old, 5 years old, the growth of the child of 3 years old, and it is performed in November. This photograph is Kent of 5 years old of the last year. He wore a hakama(Boy's kimono) for the first time. I am thankful for his growing up.

Maddy, New Jersey/ NYC
I'm grateful that no matter how old....boys will ALWAYS be boys!


  1. Love all of the pictures. Love that your son has people encouraging him. That helps so much with everything in life, doesn't it?

    Love your swimming boys Maddy! They look excited.

    I agree Lola. Hate snow because of driving and stress it creates, but love the laughter and playing opportunities it creates. Your babies look so happy playing in the snow! : )

    Love your pretty signs this week Wanda. Love is such a great thing.

    Kent is so adorable Rikako. I can't even stand it. They grow up quickly!

    Pretty flowers Maddy and Sonya. Poinsettas make me think of Christmas and Hydrangeas make me think of Summer.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I enjoyed this little trip around the world.

    Caroline - your son took such an interesting shot. Wish him good luck.

    Sonya - oh...what a gorgeous shade of blue.

    BMama - fabulous macro - you are the queen of macros, girl!

    Lola - a vision of fun in the snow - we may as well embrace it!

    Becky - you capture the best baby shots. So great!

    Rikako - I love learning about the interesting Japanese calendar of celebrations.

    Maddy - Priceless! Great shot.

    Happy week-end ladies!