Monday, November 29, 2010

11.29.2010 Today, I am grateful for...

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong
I am grateful for photographer friends who have the patience to show me the ropes, who let me play around with their equipment so that I could decide which camera would suit me best.

Caroline, England (UK)
In the absence of any inspiration of my own, and a request from my son to 'join in the Communal Global' I thought I'd share some of his amazing images this week. Hope that's OK with everyone, and sorry it's not entirely 'on theme', but I'm a bit out-of-action just now! However I AM grateful that he is getting to be this good!

Lola, Utah
I am grateful for my little helpers. This was my house pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Tentens and Bubbuh offered great moral support. I later read that I'm not supposed to put his "Bumbo" on a raised surface. Oooops.

Maddy, New Jersey/NYC

I'm grateful for the teens in my life. Can't live with them...can't live without them!

Rikako, Japan
11.29 Today
I am grateful for new-born baby!

Sonya, The Netherlands
I'm thankful for wonderful places to a Christmas Market in Germany!


  1. B'mama - great shot! Have you decided?
    Lola - everyone does it! I put mine on the table to feed baby in - great not to have to bend!
    Rikako - she's very lovely :)
    Maddy - teens are ace!
    Sonya - there is a German market like that in Birmingham each year, but it looks even more pretty with all those German houses in the background!

  2. Caroline - Yup! My husband got me the Nikon D90 as an early Christmas gift. :) I haven't taken it out of the box yet... although I'm itching to do so!

    Sonya - How was it? I once visited a Christmas store in Rothenburg (Germany) and I felt like I stepped inside Santa's workshop!

    Rikako - She's SO cute!!

    Lola - We had the same Bumbo seat in the same shade! I LOVED it and had gotten such a lot of mileage of it. :)

    Maddy - No teens in my immediate family at the moment... but yes, I do remember those angst-filled teenage years, haha! =)

    Have a wonderful week ahead, ladies!

  3. Caroline - Tell your son he has oodles of talent. I LOVE that shot that he took.

  4. Buckeroomama..I LOVED the market! I had so much fun trying all the foods and picking up a few things :) I bought a handpainted ornament and a candle. I'm so envious you have a photographer friend : ) Did u figure out wich camera you want? the way the water pretty!

    Lola..I love your fireplace and your cute moral supporters :)

    Maddy..teens..aren't those fun years. I can remember mine and shutter each time I think about

    Rikako..Oh my look at that precious face..adorable!!

  5. BMama - yah!! Another Nikon girl. (We're slightly rare round these parts.)What a nice early Christmas gift. I know you'll rock that baby. Can't wait to see you enjoying it.