Monday, July 5, 2010

7.5.10 "A TREASURE"

Welcome back Salma! She is rejoining us after taking a several month hiatus which you can read all about by clicking on her name in the header! Also, remember to get your post ready for tomorrow's "TUESDAYS AROUND THE WORLD!" the theme is (and always will be) TODAY! Come link up and share a little sneak peak of your side of the globe!

Hmmm... what is a treasure to me? 1) Having a best friend like Kristen. (pictured here at her home with her kiddos. 2) BOTH of us getting pregnant again after nearly 5 years of infertility. 3) The wonderful children we already have. 4) The fact that she is carrying 3 (yes THREE) healthy babies in that cute little tummy of hers. 5) Getting to spend an afternoon with someone I ADORE photo-documenting all of the beautiful things in life that she gets to treasure every day! (That's just for starters... The hubs, Kortmeister and Baby Bob are at the top of my list, of course ;)

My two tikesters. Yes, yes, so predictable. I was going to feature my 16GB memory card... now, that comes a close third (after hubby and the kids, of course!).

My Treasures
I love reading and treasure every single book I have ever read.

Today 5/7
The last of my flower shots for now ~ The Poppies are arriving now :D
We're away on our hol's just now, so it'll be holiday shots next!! :D
The next couple of weeks will be 'retro' shots just to keep things ticking along...

7.5.10 My treasures
'Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.' ~Neil Postman
My life is infinitely better because of the children that are in it. I love childhood and the magic it brings.

My father sent summer vegetables that he grew.
Ayaka helps me cooking. We made "Ratatouille"

suki,a treasure,7.5
I found these little wild strawberries outside to today and they were my treasures for the day. Made me smile how secretly they grew under there.


  1. loving all these pictures today :D Buckeroomama ~ how cute are your kiddos
    Lola ~ how wonderful is your friend!
    Becky ~ the boys are so cool!
    Rikako ~ she is such a sweetie!
    Suki ~ fruit for the wildlife ~ I love how pretty the are are :D
    Salma ~ books are a treasure :)

  2. Welcome back Salma! So excited for you! I espescially love all of the children today. They are all extraordinary.

  3. Welcome back, Salma! :)

    I've said this before: Your photos look like spreads in a glossy magazine, Lola!

    Caroline - What a gorgeous shade of red!

    Becky - LOVE the quote and this cute pic of Kaish and Shoshi. :)

    Rikako - Your daughter is SO adorable!! ...and you are so lucky that your dad grows all these fresh vegetables. :)

    Suki - What a wonderful find! Finding them would bring a smile to my face, too. :)

  4. Thanks so many ladies, I am so happy to be back and pregnant, lol.

    Lola~ friendships are always a treasure, and seriously, a good friend of mine seem to have the same pregnancy cycles…I know what you mean.

    Buckeroomama~ Your 16mg memory card, so funny. Kiddies are so much cuter though.

    Rikako~ Ayaka is a gorgeous helper.

    Caroline~ Love the shot, I agree with Buckeroomama, it’s a great shade (red is my fave colour).

    Becky~ The boys make me want to be young again.

    Suki~ Hmm, I agree, a neat little treasure.