Friday, July 2, 2010

7.2.2010 "TODAY"

Love, love, love, love, love strawberry smoothies :) You too?

They are decorating a float put on display for Yamakasa. Yamakasa is the shrine ritual starting from July 1st. The huge decorated floats are exhibited at several sites throughout Fukuoka city. It is held for 15 days from July 1st. The floats (without decorations) runs the street, and the speed competes. That's climax of the festival.

7.2 "Today"
We're still talking about last week's air show...and making preparations to go on a little vacation to eastern Finland together with my parents, brother and his girlfriend...all visiting us from Canada! (not travelling in these planes, however ;D)

7.2 Today
Swimming at my sister's pool -- the only floats she had were for her 2 year old niece :) Good thing my boys don't mind floating in pink!

Josh and friend on their K3 graduation night.

Today 2/7
My OTHER Peonies are pink ... and I thought I'd better post the picture before they are finished for the year :(

It's really warm and humid. It's about 82 degrees in my house and tomorrow we will reach the 90's. Somebody save me!

2 July
I'm playing this Bach Sonata for an audition today - stressing quite a bit :-S

7.2.10 Today
We miss him!

7.2 Today
Pretty shoes. Happy heart.

Went to the newly released "Eclipse" movie! Ha ha! It was fun! I LOVED that my Aunt and her girls showed up in "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" shirts. Have you read the books? Which team are you?


  1. My favourite this am has to be the two little boys in Hong Kong. I suspect I should know what K3 is but I don't, sorry! They both look so serious.
    I do like all the photos, but it just takes too long to comment on each and every great photo you all produce here, day after day! I have joined a photo collective blog as well now which is fun :)

  2. @LindyLouMac - Thanks! They do look serious, don't they? Heh. K3 is Kindergarten 3 (last year of pre-school).

    I can't decide whether I'm Team Edward or Team Jacob... I love the books! Can't wait to see "Eclipse"!

    Great capture of skateboarding action there, Becky!

    Good luck with your audition, Cornelia!

    Sonya, it's the 90s here now every day. Ugh! The A/C is on practically 24/7. I dread to see our electricity bill at the end of summer!

    Your flowers are just gorgeous, Caroline!

    Sarah - Your baby is SO adorable, with his baby blues and his kiss-me curls! :)

    Belated happy Canada Day! (Coincidentally, it was Hong Kong Day as well, so it's kinda a double-celebration for us. Heh.)

    Wow, I bet it would be so colorful and fun to see those floats go around the city! :)

    Suki - Makes me long for a strawberry smoothie now. Yum!!

  3. Pretty, pretty smoothie Suki : )
    Kaish and Naji and Shoshi and I got a very berry smoothie at McDonalds yesterday after our afternoon in the sprinkler and it was delicious! : )

    Oh my goodness, LOVE your shoes Kat. So flipping pretty!

    Lola, I have never ever read the books or seen the movies. Does that make me a giant loser! I think so. Darn it!

    Sarah! Real men float in pink! YAY for floaties of any kind : )

    Bach Sonata! You will rock it out Cornelia. Will say a prayer for you this morning!

    Sonya....I started sweating just reading about it. ICK! So hot!

    Fabulous airplane formation.

    LOVE your pretty peonies Caroline. Just lovely! That color is outstanding.

    So interesting Rikako! I love that even though we all live all over, it seems like every country celebrates something around July 1st : ) That is super cool! Do all of you have fireworks too like we do in the United States?

    The little graduates are so adorable. I l.o.v.e them. Sweet as can be!

    Happy weekend girls!

  4. SUKI! I love that picture! My kids love strawberry smoothies :)

    Good Luck, Cornelia! You really do need to upload a recording of yourself so we can all hear you :) I used to play the piano and remember that stressful feeling right before an audition!

    Kat, love that picture and LVOE your shoes -- new shoes always make me happy, too!

    Lola, I have not read any of the books or seen any of the movies. Am I really missing out on anything? (Kidding, of course!)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

  5. It is so cool to see the tradition over at your, Rikako. Really interesting :)

    Beautiful picture Tezzie. Have fun at your vacation and bring tons of pictures :)

    Sarah, your lil one is so cute. Real men float in pink. Should be an advertisement :)

    Congrats to Josh on his graduaton of K3! Did he have a party as well or was it just the official ceremony?

    It's in the 90's here too, Sonya. So I understand completely what you are saying.

    You can do it, Cornelia. You will do wonderfully. Would love to hear you play sometime.

    Becky, you captured the action so well. Beautiful shot.

    Kat, love the diluted and soft tones in your pictures. Those shoes make me happy too.

    Lola, I read the first and the second book and celebrating a lil twilight time out right now ;) hehe.
    How was the movie? did you enjoy it?

    Wishing you all a happy weekend.

  6. Becky
    We do have fireworks too, but it is not around July 4th. We have fireworks as summer festival mostly in August.

    That is really cool T-shirt.
    I can't wait to watch that movie coming this autumn.

    Congrats to Josh!

    Love all the beautiful and fun

  7. Hope everyone had beautiful weekends! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. And Lola - I am team Edward :) Love Eclipse! The movie was so good!