Thursday, March 25, 2010

3.25.2010 "TODAY"

3.25  Today
We took the kids biking and it's Zoë's turn today to "beep" the entry card on the card reader upon our return home.

I am obsessing about (and blogging about) baby booties! I officially want to learn to crochet so I can have as many pairs as my lil' heart desires! (which is like, at least 20.) I just got a few sets in the mail, and I am so in love with these ones, aren't they hilarious?!

3.25 Today
I love this boyfriend of mine!

3.25 Today
This is my youngest daughter, Penelope, bird watching on the Sicilian marshland. I love watching her discover nature.

3.25.10 Today
Today I want to take a walk after work and find some pretty pictures of Spring!

3/25 Today
It was nice warm weather today. We went out to the park and my son & hubby got to play soccer.

3.25 Today
I'm seeing more and more green each day :)

3.25 "Today"
The kids render their playroom a national disaster area once again...


  1. BUCKEROOMAMA - I love her outfit! The bright colors are so refreshing and sweet!

    CONRELIA - He has hair JUST like my little brother! Handsome guy!

    EMILY - She is so CUTE! My mom is in love with your cutie kiddos btw!

    BECKY - good idea! I think Kort and I should take a little walk as well - but today is looking pretty stormy, so we'll see!

    RIKAKO - What a cutie! I want some lovely soccer weather!

    SARAH - I love that shot!!

    TEZZIE - AH! I love your playroom! Even in it's "National Disaster" state, it looks charming and playful! Kort would be in heaven!

  2. Buckaroo! Shut up! That is like the greatest picture on the planet. I think you should enter it for the Today contest : )

    Speaking of the Today contest, GIRLS! aren't you SO excited. What a fabulous way for us to promote the blog and see other peoples todays. I hope we see Todays from all over the world!

    I think all playrooms should look like yours Tezzi! A playroom like that equals happy children to me. And happy children, are in my humble opinion, the greatest thing on the planet : )

  3. P.S. Sarah! Stop copying me.
    That is just creepy : )


  4. Buckeroomama - That is just cute on every level!!!...the giant helmet...cute backback...and adorable shoes standing on tip toe :D

    Lola - Sweet :D Are those made to look like cowboy boots??! (I can't crochet either, btw...great you want to learn :D - I simply don't have the patience!!)

    Cornelia - Awwwww... :D

    Emily - look at that sweet excitement on her face! precious...

    Becky - That's so beautiful!! Hope you found some pretty pics of spring today...I sure need to see some!

    Rikako - Wonderful to get fun family time out in the fresh air!

    Sarah - Stunning in it's simplicity...and love the bokeh!

  5. Rikako, so glad you signed up to do this blog. I honestly didn't think you woud do it. Sorry. Hopefully it will make you take more pictures and capture moments you had no intention of capturing. It makes for the best pictures. Thanks for sharing your life through the lens.

    Also all the other ladies, thank you too, I love seeing picts from all over the world. This is soooo fun.

  6. Wonderful today's everyone.
    The contest will be such a good idea. Becky, you are a star.
    I just love to see your pictures here everyday.

    I wish I could hang out here more often, but real life is just crazy busy right now.

  7. Lovely days ladies :) I am so excited about the contest and can't wait to see all the photos that will be entered! What a great idea!!

    I agree with everyone's comments, Buckeroomama; that picture of Zo e is precious!

    Tezzie, I'm sad to report, your national disaster looks clean compared to my kids' playroom!

  8. Beautiful day ladies...I love them all of coarse even the messy toy room! Have a great Thursday.

  9. What a great contest. I will definitely enter my photos...I found you through Rachel at Life with Kaishon.

  10. Tezzie - Your national disaster area looks pretty neat compared to ours. So you could just imagine how much worse ours gets! :)