Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3.30.2010 "MY FAVORITE SHOP"

3.30 "My favourite shop"
I usually buy groceries on my way home from school...but sometimes it's fun to have the kids along to do the weekly grocery shopping!

My favorite Store is call "Betsey Johnson"
My favorite store is Betsy Johnson. My Pink Angel loves to get funky clothing there. I love their purses and accessories...♥

3-30-10 Favorite store...
I DO NOT SHOP in Norway unless it is an EMERGENCY... it is WAY TO EXPENSIVE here... get me to the states & I am a crazy woman with a credit card. Every once in a while I SPLURGE on American food from ULTRA. You are looking at $65 worth of American goodies...

3.30 My Favorite Shop
Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, this is NOT my favorite place to shop. That said, fish markets in Sicily are entertaining and lively and certainly worth a stop!

3.30 My favorite store
(I didn't take this picture -- I found it on the web!) Attic Treasures was an antique store I worked at while I was in college. It was like working in a museum! I loved it! And the couple that owned it were so knowledgeable about everything under the sun. I really learned a lot working there.

3/30 My favorite shop
My favorite but dangerous clothing shop. I shouldn't go here for not spending money.

3.30.10 My regular store
Well, this isn't actually my regular store. It is a corner store in Philadelphia. Many of the families I work with shop at little stores like this. They are very pricey. Laundry detergent that I pay $10 cost $20 in the corner store.

3.30 My favorite shop
My favourite place to shop? Like in the WORLD? Definitely A-Souq Al-Hamidiyah in Damascus, Syria. Unfortunately I went before I had a digital camera and only took ONE picture ( do you remember those days?) and the picture turned out terribly. I guess I'll just have to go back to make that right. So, until then, here is a good runner up - Al Khan Al Khalili in Cairo, Egypt. Full of life, colour and I'm told that I can buy "Anything I'm looking for at a 'good Egyptian price.'" Ha ha, that is really code for: "I'm going to rip you off because you look like a tourist." Nisa knows. ;) It is lots of fun anyway.

3.30  My Favorite Shop
Book Buddy. I love browsing here.... very dangerous. I think 90% of our kiddie library came from this shop. How did you think I became a VIP member?

This "The Sweet Tooth Fairy." It is a whimsical little cupcake shop just 5 minutes away from my house. It is so charming and delicious! A definite favorite of mine. (I know, leave it to the pregnant girl to name a CUPCAKE shop as her favorite!)

3.30 My favourite shop
This is our local grocery store. It is part of a large chaingroup and branches can be found all over South Africa.


  1. Sooooo Fun!
    I felt like I have been shopping all over the world!

  2. Buckeroomama I think I would be a VIP member too if that store was close to me! I love book stores :)

    Becky, $20 laundry detergent?! That's crazy!

    Tressa, I'm glad you can get American food but I can't believe how much it costs!

  3. Oh, I just loved this post. SO so SO fun to see everyone's favorite shops. Fantastically interesting!

    I would like to put my work away and go shopping for the rest of the day. Oh, yes I would!

  4. I loved it too! So interesting!

    Love the fish market.

    Glad that bookstore is nowhere near me! We couldn't afford it!

    I LOVE antiques.

    LOVE Betsy Johnson.

    and LOVE that darling little angel-face gliding through the isles!!!

  5. Wow, great pics. I love Rocio Betsy Johnson too.

  6. Wow, great pics. I love Rocio Betsy Johnson too.

  7. Fun 'shopping' with you all! I love how we all came up with a different type of shop, or different focus of said shoppping :D

    Tressa - food from 'home' is worth it's weight in gold, isn't it??! Whenever we have visitors from Canada, I make sure to send a wish list so they can stock up their suitcases!

    Sarah - I LOVE that store...what a great experience to have worked there!

    Buckeroomama - Oh, I'd be a regular there, for sure! Book stores are my fave :D

    Lola - Yum! Love the colour scheme...looks like a place where I could spend way too much time :D (and thanx for the sweet comment about my Munchkin :D)

  8. For Rikako from Mom Dugovic. I enjoy getting to see you and your children and love you pictures. You are getting pretty good at taking pictures. This global thing is fun and I am enjoying it.

  9. What awesome shops! Love the cupcake one and got to admit the clothing store that seemed all Pink would be my favourite too

  10. TEZZIE: Yep! It's a lot of FUN having the kiddos around! I love having my Big Jr. he always is such wonderful mamí helper!

    TRESSA: w☺w!!! mucho$$$

    EMILY: hmm fishy!

    SARAH: I love antiques shops!!!

    RIKAKO: jejeje love all the neutral colors!!

    BECKY: w☺w!! That is expensive!

    KATIE: Oh but you still capture the beauty of that shop!!
    L♥VE it!!!!

    BUCKEROOMAMA: w☺w my kiddos will go crazy on that amazing store!!!

    LOLA: What a Yummylicious store!

  11. Mom Duvovis, Thank you for your comment! I am so glad you enjoy seeing this blog.
    All is thanks to Lola. She is awesome!