Sunday, January 17, 2010


May in Germany
I am May, an Indian expat living the life of a German in Deutschland. Married for 12 years, am mommy to a boy (aged 11) and a daughter (aged 9). Originally from Bangalore (India), we are presently living in Lohr am Main (Germany), a pretty little village which you slowly fall in love with . We will be here till 2013, following which we are headed back home to India. My life revolves around my family and the Macbook Pro (as my hubby and kids put it). 
Currently I am back to school giving a shot at learning to speak and understand the German language. When not in school, you will find me at home cooking( a passion), baking, doing up our home, crocheting, dabbling with paints, listening to the goldie oldies, and also blogging at With Love from Lohr.  My blog is more like a picture diary recording our life and experiences in a foreign land.
Expat life has also introduced me to traveling, understanding new cultures and a newfound passion in photography which i love. So, If you ever happen to pass by Lohr am Main and see an Indian walking the cobbled streets with a camera around her neck.....then yeah...that's me.. :)
I am so happy to be a part of Communal Global and I hope I get to know each one of you a lot better!!!

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  1. Hi May! It is wonderful to see you here. :-) I'd love to be a part of this group and contribute photos of India. How? :-) Please let me know. You know my blog -

  2. Hello Beautiful! :) I always enjoy your photos of Germany and I cannot wait to see what you will have for us when you go back to wonderful India!

  3. Ha ha!! Mira!! I am still laughing...:D If you see me now, you will take that comment back. I too am eagerly waiting to return to India and begin a new chapter in life. We return to a place which is completely new to us, hence the adventures will continue.