Monday, January 18, 2010


Wow. About me huh? I feel like I live a fairly uneventful life in Las Vegas, NV. Well, as uneventful as life can be with 3 fun, high energy kids and a husband that craves adventure! Born and raised in the small town of Bloomfield NY, I married my best friend (and biggest competitor in puzzle making and snowball launches) shortly after my first year in college. I joined him here, in Las Vegas, where his job was located and we both agreed that we would live here “temporarily,” and return to green hills and trees as soon as possible. Well, almost 9 years later I have grown to love this city and what it has to offer. The “city” is not so much city! I hardly see it! I teach bread & cooking classes out of my home with my sister Rachelle (We are the Two Baking Sisters, and LOVE IT!). I attend book club. Play basketball. Help out at school. Ride bikes with my kids. Eat Golden Spoon as much as possible. Buy groceries using as many coupons as possible. Make cookies and eat the dough raw. You know … the norm! I love trying new things, and can’t wait to jump into this blog! Enjoy.
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