Monday, January 18, 2010


Salma describes herself as an Imperfect Stepford Wife because she simply cannot get it right. She loves decorating, parenting,learning, reading and cooking, and she delights in all things mischivious which drives her hubby crazy.

Having had an arranged marriage she is very curious about love and marriage and blogs about her volatile relationship that continues to teach her a lot about herself. Salma is committed to laughing more because she got sick of crying over the yesterdays that never blossomed into the todays she wished and hoped for.

2010 is a very busy year for Salma. She is going on 100 dates with her husband, reading 100 books (mostly recommended by her friends and blog readers), and she is memorizing the Quran. She is also in her first weeks of grief therapy, and as a part of her treamtment she is working on a special blog project that includes her friends and family (which she is documenting and will share with her readers in March).

Check out her kitchen, her journey on 100 dates, and her reading challenge for 2010 at her blog:

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