Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday colors

Friday is here!!!

We have many colorful and
beautiful photos here today...

Becky - USA

Bettyl - New Zealand

Singwa - HongKong
This whole 'house' got slowly submerged as heavy rains pelted down.  (From 'The House of Dancing Water' show.)

Caroline - UK
Yesterday my husband turned 40! We met up with his brother and sisters and went out to celebrate. He's the one in the grey jacket, but can you tell who his siblings are?

Catherine - France

Jill - Australia
Always carry your camera - I captured this beautiful sunset over the Leschenault Estuary on my way home from work.

Jade - Thailand
having fun in the ball pit

Susanna - Finland
One of my favorite Moomin cups - please don't ask how many Moomin cups I have, I haven't counted them but I know that I could invite many friends for a cup of coffee

Sonya - The Netherlands
Wildflowers I planted to attract the pollinators to my garden :)

Salma - Canada

Happy weekend to friends all over our beautiful and colorful World!!!


  1. I love each and every photo that takes us around the world to so many different cultures and places...but do you know people we really are essentially all the same...appreciating and loving our families and the beauty of the world around us.
    ps - love that look Becky! the close up of the hands Salman, fun in the ball pit, beautiful flowers Sonya and Bettyl, another fabulous show pic Singwa, a beautiful family gathering Caroline (happy birthday hubby!), oh to be sailing a boat Catherine, and a cuppa with friends Susanna.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

  2. Beautiful pictures as always! And you're right Jill, our family and the nature is a common field for everyone of us....or the nature seen through our family's eyes (like I'm doing on this summer holiday)!

    1. It think it's so cool to see photos of regular life and small villages and bigger towns all over the world. If a Finnish blogger travels somewhere she usually takes photos of those bigger places and tourist places and famous buildings. I want to see ordinary life and how nature is somewhere else. It's so interesting. :) It would be cool to have someone from Africa too with us and south America. It's great that we have several bloggers from Europe, Europe might be small but there's huge difference between for example Finland and Italy. :D