Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Friday

Bettyl - New Zealand

magnolia (used: Fri - May 16, 2014) photo IMG_7020_zpsf37cb439.jpg

Did you notice the new name above our first picture today?
Please come and meet Bettyl;

Bettyl is one of our four new picture contributors who will be joining in the next week or two,
So do keep your eyes peeled!

Welcome Bettyl ~ it's GREAT to have you with us!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Singwa - HongKong

Susanna - Finland

Jade - Thailand

Caroline - UK

This is my breakfast almost every day ~ banana smoothie, with a spoonful of Cocoa and a spoonfull of malt ~ delicious!

Happy Friday to all and relaxing weekend! 

Susanna - Pieni Lintu


  1. WOW Jade! i really really want to be there now!!
    and great start Bettyl!

  2. Now I want a chocolate banana yogurt smoothie! Yum! Happy Friday Everyone!

  3. So glad that you are joining us, Bettyl! :)

  4. welcome Bettyl - New Zealand is on my must go list - but till then I will enjoy your images. I am a new member too!

  5. Jade that scene is so peaceful - beautiful. and Caroline I really should have this for breakfast too - delicious!