Friday, January 31, 2014

It. is. Friday! Happy Chinese New Year.

SUSANNA - Finland
    Fri - January 31, 2014 photo Fri-January312014_zps8db08f50.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands

Fri Jan 31,2014 photo panini1_zps3b7683ea.jpg

JADE - Thailand
Someone is learning to sit by himself!
 JAN 31: Someone is learning to sit by himself! photo _1050909_zps04d0c3c8.jpg

SINGWA - Hong Kong

 photo Blue-flowers-1_zps2d8013bc.jpg

BECKY - Philadelphia, USA

 photo 8M8A9526_zpsdd33eb79.jpg

CAROLINE ~ England
Today's creation ~ Valentine's day soon....

WANDA - Montreal, Canada
Sigh....I fear this winter will never end!

Fri Jan 31, 2014 photo _DSC7443wmweb_zps73a89818.jpg

But we know that it will 
and the flowers will shake their snowy blankets off 
and once again

Happy week-end to all!

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