Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Friday !

CAROLINE - England
"Birds of a feather ... sit on separate fence posts!!"  ~  Doesn't have quite the right ring to it ;-)
Fri Dec 6th photo 11024722814_ba4736bec1_b_zps288b27fa.jpg

JADE - Thailand 

DEC 06: Mama & baby photo photo32_zpscb2cffc5.jpg

BECKY - Philadelphia

1.29A photo coldlens.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands 
When you need to say thank you in a really big way..only a giant Chocolate Snickerdoodle will do!
Fri Dec 6,2013 photo chocosnicker1_zps87b4716d.jpg

SUSANNA - Finland
Enjoying slow breakfast and quiet morning - we have public holiday today because of Finland's Independence Day.
Fri - December 06, 2013 photo Fri-December062013_zpsd8754e14.jpg

WANDA - Montreal
Love the wonder of a child at Christmas.
Fri Dec 6, 2013 photo Holidaycards4fb_zps68207d94.jpg

Have a great week-end everyone!!


  1. Caroline, your photo is just so perfect!!! :D

    Have a lovely lovely weekend dears!! <3

  2. Thanks Susanna, but I can't claim the glory! It's another of my talented Son's! Thankfully he doesn't mind me using some of his (because I haven't taken too many of my own of late) ~ he's trying to get some 'exposure' and maybe start selling some of his shots ;-)