Monday, September 30, 2013

A little Monday Fun...

Today... I'm not going to tell you whose is whose picture!

Have some fun matching names to images... some are a bit of a give away!! ;)

Brought to you by photographers:
Caroline in England
Becky in the USA
Wanda in Canada
Singwa in HongKong
Jade in Thailand
Sonya in The Netherlands

A little online shopping - bunny nightlights for the kids and washi tape for me.

And we're off!


This was at around 11:00am...

Practicing his Rodin sculpture look - "Hey I could totally rock a Calvin Klein ad"


  1. Well I know which are Jade's, Singwa's and mine. :)

  2. Susanna - Hahaha, we're the same --> I know Jade's, yours, and mine... and maybe Caroline's. :)

  3. Not fair for me to join in of course!! ;-) Which one is mine Singwa?!?