Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday and Friday

TINA - Sweden

Picked raspberries in my garden, love the unusual color!
Thu - Aug 15, 2013 photo hallon_cg_zps0adbb218.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands Thurs Aug 15,2013 photo pink1_zps20d27fea.jpg

A western crustless quiche to kick off your weekend!
Fri Aug 16,2013 photo crustquiche4_zps5d66815f.jpg

SUSANNA - Finland

Back to school...
Thu - August 15, 2013 photo Thu-August152013_zps6b9e9c1e.jpg

My son asked me to bake some "back to school"-muffins.
Fri - August 16, 2013 photo Fri-August162013_zpsd1cd84d3.jpg

JADE - Thailand

Maple bacon scones for breakfast
AUG 15: Maple bacon scones for breakfast photo photo13_zpsb69fd206.jpg

 Sleepy puppy
AUG 16: Sleepy puppy photo photo12_zps5c59ac56.jpg

CAROLINE - England

"Not one to be left behind..!"

It's so nice to finally have a toddler in my family, who will eat fruit ~ Juicy pears ~ mmmm!
Fri. Aug 16th photo p1721454784-5_zps1b758cc5.jpg

SINGWA - Hong Kong

The Main Bazaar in downtown Kuching
Thu - Aug 15, 2013 photo Main-Bazaar-1_zps20694e75.jpg

An arapaima pond at Jong's Crocodile Farm in Kuching, Malaysia
Fri - Aug 16, 2013 photo Crocodile-farm-1_zps618e564c.jpg

BECKY - Philadelphia
  photo mysel_zpsd3a96d67.jpg

WANDA - Montreal

Oh, how I love the ever changing gardens.
Thur Aug 15, 2013 photo DSC_8225wmfb_zps054b0f6e.jpg

and I'll never tire of watching my munchkins frolicking.Fri Aug 16, 2013 photo DSC_8344wmfb_zps61591707.jpg

Happy week-end!

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  1. Happy weekend girls! <3

    I loved that Beckys photo so much. It makes me wait for the autumn!!